3 Important Traits To Showcase To Investors

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how to demonstrate your authenticity to investors

3 Important Traits To Showcase To Investors

Just as investors are investing in your product, business, or idea – they’re also investing in you. This means there are certain characteristics or traits that they are looking for that demonstrate you are ready.

3 important traits to showcase to investorsIn our LinkedIn Learning e-course,  Presentation Tips For Pitching To Investors, we talk a lot about what investors are looking for when choosing who and what they decide to invest in. You will also learn tips on what to do when faced with skepticism from investors. 

While this isn’t a full-proof list of traits.  And of course, the list can vary depending on who your investor is. The list of traits below has been repeated by people who communicate frequently with entrepreneurs. 

Something to note – the traits that matter most to investors aren’t simply high IQ, or graduating from an IVY League school.  These traits may be bonuses they don’t represent success definitively. 

1. Authenticity

Investors look for people who display authenticity.  This means being who you are and showing your passion for your company. They want to know your genuine care and concern for the problem you are solving. Investors want to know what it is about you that makes you unique in solving this problem.

Authenticity also means understanding your weaknesses and embracing your strengths. 

We all can’t be good at everything.  And investors know that.  Just as you introduced your team to the investors, they want to know that this team balances you out. 

Investors will want to know:

  • Does your team balance out your weaknesses?
  • Are you coachable and flexible? 
  • Can you recognize that you are weaker in some areas and not in others?

Voicing your weakness and showing your willingness to take in feedback is a form of authenticity. 

Similarly, voicing your strengths and showing that it brings you a competitive advantage is also really important in painting a picture of your true self.

2. Hunger

Investors also want to know that you’re hungry for the success of your company. It is important you communicate your vision.  You also will need to showcase that you are willing to work hard to get there.

Investors may be supplying you with the funds to get you to the destination.  However, you are the driver deciding how best to get there.

The investors want to know if you are going to keep driving and forging ahead when the road gets bumpy. 

Simply saying that you are hungry isn’t enough – you have to show and tell the investors.  There are a few ways to do this.

  • Give examples – what have you done in the past that shows you are willing to do the work?  For example when you started this company who was doing all of the heavy lifting?  Did you forgo other luxuries to ensure your company’s success?  If so, be sure to share that.
  • Share successes – Investors want to3 important traits to showcase to investors know that you can make it across the finish line.  So be sure to share any prior success stories with them and how you shaped that success
  • Share your whyWhy do you want this so badly? Is it personal?  If so share it!  The more “in it to win it” you share, the more hungry you will seem.

In addition, displaying your hunger for the success of your company invariably shows your confidence as well.

💡We recommend the e-course “Know Your Pitch” to help you deliver your pitch showcasing the right amount of hunger and mental fortitude.


3. Confidence

It is so important that you show confidence when speaking to a group of investors. That confidence will in a way make the investor wonder if you are feeling so confident, shouldn’t they as well?

There are a few ways that you can show you are confident:

Dresscode – The old adage dress for success still rings true for first impressions.  Even if you are a super hip new start-up – be sure you are keeping a level of professionalism that shows you respect the investors and this meeting. 

Articulate – Try to avoid stammering and using filler words like um, and uh.  The more relaxed and prepared you are the more your confidence will shine through.

Body Language – Your body language will be a huge indicator to the investors of how confident you are in yourself and your business.  In our e-course, Mastering Non-Verbal Communication, you will learn how to effectively use body language to exude confidence. 

Tone of Voice – Your tone of voice is also a great indicator of these traits. Your inflections can demonstrate excitement and seriousness. 

Belief In Yourself – Do you believe in yourself?  And do you truly believe in what you are saying and what your company can do?  If so, it will show in how you present to investors.  If you believe it with your whole being, so will they.

Remember, confidence comes from within.  What you believe and how you portray yourself will let investors know how you really feel.  Make sure it is confidence!

Traits are characteristics that are innate. A high pedigree doesn’t guarantee authenticity, hunger, and confidence.  And these 3 traits are important to showcase to investors. 

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3 important traits to showcase to investors

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