Communications And Mental Health At Work

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communications and mental health at work

Communications And Mental Health at Work

Communication is the by-product of an internal sense of knowing. If you don’t know what you want, what you need, and what you want your relationships to look like, you won’t be able to communicate with others. In this week’s newsletter, global communication expert, Jessica Chen, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, National Speaker and Author, Dr. Jenny Tzu-Mei Wang talk about communications and mental health at work.

Below is a small snippet of their entire conversation held on our Soulcast Media | LIVE show on LinkedIn. If you’d like to watch or listen to the entire interview, click below. The transcript has been slightly edited for reading ease. 

📺 Watch the full live event here
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Communication And Mental Health

Jenny – Communication is what bridges the boundaries between self and others. So much of how we live depends on how we negotiate the middle space between ourselves and other people, be it at work with your boss, your manager, or director with your colleagues. 

Communication has to be rooted in a sense of mental being that is coming from a healthy place.

We’ve all been there when we are not feeling healthy internally, and the communication comes out very poorly.


On Managing Workplace Stress

Jenny – I wish this was something that we could answer very succinctly and concisely.  But when you think about work, there is the actual work itself, the skills and tasks. Then there are the relationships. Do I feel safe? Do I feel like I belong? 

There are all these layers as to why kind of work-related stress is overwhelming. And a lot of the time, we don’t take the time to understand specifically what’s stressful about our job.

What exactly is stressful? Is it the work? Is it the people? Is it management and your career trajectory? What is it? And it could be all three, but until you identify that, you can’t really take action to improve or change it.

So the question is, do you know how to harness your optimal level of stress to meet your optimal level of performance? Many of us overstress to the point where we’re no longer performing well.

Most of us have never developed an understanding of how stress can mobilize and at which point it becomes problematic. So, I would actually invite people to think about that. 

📺 Watch the full live event here
🎙️ Listen to the Podcast episode here


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