Communicating As An Introvert

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communicating as an introvert

An introvert can be a powerful communicator

communicating introvert

There is a misconception that strong communicators are usually extroverted, but that isn’t always the case.  Yes, introverts can have a more difficult time speaking up or perhaps are less likely to feel comfortable in front of people.  But being an introvert does not mean that you can’t be a strong communicator. 

Just like fellow extroverts, introverts can also use tools to help them communicate more effectively.  Whether the communication is during a presentation, with your colleagues, at a pitch meeting, or in an interview setting, there are always ways to improve your communication skills.


Tools For Communicating As An Introvert


1. Believe In Yourself

It always starts within. This may seem like an almost silly tool to think about, but the truth is most people have a hard time believing that their opinion or their input matters.  In order to effectively communicate, you first have to believe in yourself and that you can confidently speak up.  Just because an extrovert may be louder doesn’t mean that their voice is more important than yours. Know your worth and that your opinion and contribution matters.


2. Practice Makes Perfect

The old saying still rings true. If you are giving a presentation or leading a business meeting, it is so important to practice.  Not only will this calm your nerves, but it will also boost your confidence.  You can practice questions being thrown your way as well as slides not working properly because not everything will always run smoothly.  Give yourself a chance to prepare as much as you can – for the good and for the unfortunate PowerPoint malfunction.


3. Be Yourself

Yes, introverts, be yourself.  It’s okay if your answers are shorter – as long as they are to the point and answer the question at hand. You don’t have to go on and on.  Remember that quality is always better than quantity. 

4 communication tools for introverts


4. Write When You Can

If there are times where you feel like one-on-one communication is too overwhelming, consider writing when you can. Write the email instead of popping your head into the office. Communicate via the many different apps your company offers whether it’s Trello, Asana,, and more.  

You can also write down what you want to say to someone before you say it. This gives you a chance to think through your thoughts and have your idea ready.

The key to communicating as an introvert is to know who you are, believe in yourself, and stay true to that. 


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