Communications Services Offered By Soulcast Media

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communications services offered by Soulcast Media

Communications Services Offered By Soulcast Media

Being a strong communicator will help you as you advance through your career.  When your communication is clear and effective, you will be able to speak up at work when necessary, lead a team, and present to shareholders without hesitation. 

Whether you are starting your career path, or currently in a C-suite, communications are vital to your success.

Soulcast Media has created a variety of services to help you improve your communications.  Our CEO, Jessica Chen, designed all of our services to elevate individual and business performances by teaching the skill of effective communications. Jessica Chen is an Emmy-Award Winner and the CEO of Soulcast Media. She has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and Market Watch, Inc. She is a highly requested global event keynote speaker on cross-cultural communications and developing workplace confidence and executive presence.

Below are the different communications services offered by Soulcast Media. 

It’s a fact when you have daily practice, the growth of your communication will start elevating exponentially. 

The only digital membership where Jessica Chen answers all your communications questions live each month and provide you with real-time feedback. The goal is to teach you how to be an effective speaker. Each month, brand new communications videos are also released inside our members-only platform to keep your learning fresh and timely.
The Soulcast Media Membership makes it easy to practice improving your communications because it gives you a flexible structure while also providing solid guidance. 

This pass unlocks our best and most highly-rated communications content for only pass holders. 

Content inside our VIP Communications Pass include:

  • Videos
  • In-Depth Descriptions
  • Top Communication Tips
  • Downloadable Infographics
  • Big Discounts

Once you’re a VIP Communications Pass holder, you are a pass holder for life!

You’ll have 100% access to all our VIP content for life and as we release more every single month. 

Soulcast Media has created various LinkedIn Learning e-courses to help you elevate your executive presence. These programs are all online, and are designed so that you’re learning at your own pace with the flexibility of re-taking them as long as the programs exist.

Each course has defined learning objectives so you can keep track of your progress. 

Join the over 1 million learners who have taken these courses and start improving your communications today!

Executive Presence On Video Calls

With over 1 million learners and counting, this course is designed for maximum impact! Learn how to shine on video conference calls. Communication consultant Jessica Chen provides expert advice to look and sound confident, collected, and smart on your next conference call or video presentation. 

Building Your Visibility Online As A Remote Leader

In this course, learn how to intentionally manage and boost your visibility when working with remote teams. Communications and media expert Jessica Chen explains how to sketch out a remote visibility strategy that works, maintain a consistent messaging schedule, and build valuable relationships with senior leaders from afar. 

Media Relations Foundations

Jessica Chen, an Emmy Award-winning TV reporter before becoming founder and CEO of Soulcast Media, shows how to build a compelling story for your business that will grab the media’s attention.  After this course, you’ll have a solid idea of how to leverage the media to get your business in front of the right audience.

Speaking Up At Work

Want to ensure that your best ideas are heard by the right people in your organization? Improve your ability to speak up at work. In this course, join communications and media expert Jessica Chen as she uncovers the common mental barriers that keep professionals from speaking up at work, as well as the steps you can take to actively build your authority. 

Presentation Tips For Pitching To Investors

This course is all about preparing and delivering a rock-solid pitch that makes people want to invest in your company. Learn how to define the unique benefits of your product, describe your business model, and tell the story of your “why.” Instructor Jessica Chen—a public speaking and media relations consultant—then introduces tips for the actual presentation, including responding to your audience, answering questions, and being authentic.

Media Training Essentials

In this course, you will learn exactly what you need to do to prepare for any media interview. As a former Emmy Award-winning TV news reporter, Jessica knows firsthand the kinds of questions interviewers ask, and how you can navigate the conversation strategically using your words, tone of voice, and body language. After watching this course, you’ll be better prepared to project confidence and control your own narrative in all media interview settings.

services communications offered

Our Communication Courses are designed to focus on different aspects of communications.  These e-courses provide clear, actionable steps to help you improve your communications right away. 

If you believe in personal growth, and are determined to become an impactful communicator, these courses can help you achieve your goals.

Powerful Presentation Strategies

In this course, you will learn how to captivate and engage your audience, use your voice, and make an impact with your ideas.  Learn how to become a powerful speaker and make every speech stand out.

Mastering Non-Verbal Communications

In this course, you will learn how to command attention and establish your presence without speaking at all. You will learn how to effectively use body language to engage with your audience. 

Art Of Communicating Express

This course will challenge you to execute your speaking and interpersonal communications at your highest level. You will learn smart and effective communication strategies.

Communicating With Confidence

When you confidently communicate you elevate your executive presence and build credibility. In this course, you will learn effective strategies to help you build your communications confidence. 

Speaking well is one of the most important skills to get the recognition you deserve at work. If you speak clearly, confidently, and concisely, people really listen. 

Knowing your communication strength will help you figure out how you can improve to quickly advance in your career. Because the truth is, great leaders are great communicators

To know where you can begin improving, you’ll first want to discover your style.

Discover your communication style by taking our free quiz. From there, you will have better insight on where and how you can best communicate.  Once you know your communication style you can take our e-course to help you become a powerful speaker!

Verbal Communicator To Powerful Speaker

If you took the communications quiz and your strength is verbal communication – this course is for you!  

Written Communicator To Powerful Speaker

If you took the communications quiz and your strength is written communication – this course is for you!  

Non-Verbal Communicator To Powerful Speaker

If you took the communications quiz and your strength is non-verbal communication – this course is for you!  

Visual Communicator To Powerful Speaker

If you took the communications quiz and your strength is visual communication – this course is for you!  

communications services offered

This program is a 4-week, private 1-1 online training program that teaches smart, effective communications strategies to professionals who want to start speaking in a way that makes a powerful impact.

communications services offered

This program is a private 1-1 online training that teaches Founders how to create a winning deck and pitch their company for success. Whether you’re seeking series A or series D funding, this program will challenge you to execute your presentation at your highest level.

Interested to know how we can work with you and your team?  We offer corporate training and have worked with many companies including LinkedIn, Prezi, Lendistry, The CDC, Draft Kings, and more!

Please Contact: to work with us.

Elevate your communications skills with our #1 award-winning trainings. 

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