Fostering Good Relationships With The Media

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fostering good relationships with the media

Fostering Good Relationships With The Media

One of the best ways to secure great media coverage is to start establishing relationships with the media. When you understand their point of view and their objective, you can better help them, which will, in turn, help you.

Below are two ways you can foster good relationships with the media.

1. Relationship Building

Relationships with the media are very similar to those relationships you have in your daily life. To sustain those relationships, you have to make time and be thinking about the other person. The media is no different.

Building meaningful relationships with the media can help both you and them. 


Consider the following as you build relationships with the media.

  • Meet For Coffee/Video Call – Start by setting up a coffee or video call meeting. This way, you can learn about them and their industry. You’ll be surprised at how receptive they might be to this because they are always looking for ways to develop sources within the community. 
  • Regular Communication – Another relationship-building strategy is to regularly reach out by sharing your thoughts on a story they have done. According to Cision, 60% of journalists prefer to be contacted on a Monday. Doing this will keep you top of mind. fostering good relationships with the media
  • Connect on Social Media – Social media is an excellent wait to build those important media relationships. People in the media are building their authority by being on social media.  When you interact with them, you give them your support by reacting, commenting, sharing, and saving their posts. This will foster goodwill between you and them. And this will continually keep you top of mind.

If you’re not inclined or don’t have the time to build these relationships, make sure the publicist you hire does.


2. Be Authentic

The reporters and on-air personalities are first and foremost people. It is important to be authentic when building relationships with the media. This is because if your interactions and communications are inauthentic, the people in the media may find you as only interested in helping yourself, and not engaging in a real relationship.

There are several ways you can be authentic in your media relationships.

  • Respect – One way to show authenticity is to respect the people in the media. For example, if you’ve developed a good relationship with a reporter, you can’t expect or demand they print or report on your business. The reporter still has to do their due diligence, and your story may not be the right fit. Respect their position, and remember that relationships aren’t always about getting your business publicized. fostering good relationships with the media
  • Follow Through – If you say you will do something, make sure you do it. For example, let’s say the reporter has asked you to appear on a morning news show, and you have agreed to do it. But then, you decide it may not be the best fit. This not only puts the reporter in a bad position, but also undermines your authenticity. Make sure you follow through after you’ve agreed to do something.
  • Give And Take – Engaging in a good give-and-take means your relationship isn’t solely for your gain. One way to show your authentic relationship is to engage in a good give-and-take. For example, let’s say the reporter recently featured your business in a story. A few weeks later, the reporter needs a quote from local business owners about a new city development. The reporter reaches out to you for this quote. Even though it doesn’t directly publicize your business, giving a quote is one way to engage in a good give-and-take. 

Authenticity will help you foster good relationships with the media.

Many people are often wary of the media; however, you can utilize them to boost you and your business by working with the media.


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