How To Increase Visibility At Work

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how to gain attention from co-workers and superiors

The Right Attention

how to gain attention from your co-workers and superiorsWhether you’ve been working in your position for a few months or a few years, gaining the right kind of attention and visibility with your team can fastrak the advancement of your career.

The biggest question is – how do you gain their attention? In our LinkedIn Learning e-course, Building Your Visibility Online As A Remote Leader, we talk about how visibility is key to advancing your agenda professionally.

Remember, you want your work to shine through. The truth is, every situation is unique, and every person is different, but we’ve found 3 strategies that can help you stand out to your co-workers and leadership. Visibility is key to getting those coveted opportunities and promotions! 


1. Communications is King

This may seem simple, but clear communication will help you in so many ways. When you clearly communicate, you take the guessing game out of many complicated situations.  Those who interact with you will see you as someone who sets expectations and meets them. As a result, you’ll be known around the office as someone who is dependable, considerate, and is simply effective

Clear communications with your boss and the leadership team also allows you to stand out amongst your peers.

In fact, when you communicate better than your peers, you automatically have an advantage.

So this means proactively communicating what you’re working on, what your project entails, and where you are in the process. Your boss will not only see you as reliable, but they’ll appreciate you cluing them in on the process during critical moments. Proactive communications is key! Don’t wait for them to ask. 

Keeping your boss informed will also help elevate your executive presence.  As you make your way up the corporate ladder, more and more of your job description will be about communicating ideas from one person to the next.  Mastering communications is where it all starts. 

We talk a lot about how to communicate clearly in our e-course The Art Of Communication.  This course is perfect if you are wanting to hone your communication skills and be seen as a leader at work.


2. Speak Up

During a meeting, are you more likely to contribute or are you more likely to sit back and let someone else talk?

Speaking up at a work, even just a little, is critical for you to be noticed. It’s also what’ll create a perception of you that shows you’re:

  • Engaged in the conversation
  • Wanting to help the whole team
  • Invested in the goals of the company
  • Knowledgeable
  • Ready to take action
  • Proactive

Sometimes speaking up means that you do need to do a little bit of preparation before the meeting.  

how to gain attention from your co-workers and superiors

This includes understanding the objective, understanding your value-add, and doing any research necessary. Again, speaking up just once is better than not at all. Tip: chime in within the first five minutes so you don’t convince yourself out of it. 

In our LinkedIn Learning e-course, Speaking Up At Work, we talk about making sure your best ideas are heard by the right people in your organization and steps you can take to actively build your authority.


3. Think Like A Leader

One of the best ways to gain important visibility from your co-workers and leadership is to think like a leader, always. This means:

  • Be proactive – if you see something that needs to be done do it. Don’t wait to react.
  • Goal-Oriented – think about the bigger picture. What goal is the company trying to reach?  What can you do to help reach those goals with your work?
  • Build Connections – do you have strong interpersonal relationships with your co-workers and others? You need people to advocate for you when you’re not in the room.

If your team sees you as someone they can turn to and rely on, you will be seen as capable. This will also help you be seen as a strong and effective leader.

Remember, the key to gaining the right kind of visibility from your team is to consistently show up for them at work, think like a leader and above all, maintain your executive presence with clear communication.


Want to improve your executive presence in all aspects of your work? Our premier digital Soulcast Media Membership offers techniques and tools for just that.

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how to gain attention from your co-workers and superiors

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