How To Introduce Your Team To Potential Investors

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introducing your team to investors

Introducing Your Team To Investors

You’ve spent the last few months working with your team to create an amazing product or service. Now, it’s time to introduce them to potential investors. This is where the words “humble bragging” comes into play. It’s a lot like showing off the accomplishments of someone you care about. In a situation like this, humble bragging will help you and the team build credibility. 

Introducing Your Team To Investors

In fact, “humble bragging” is completely justified because this shows how you were able to get your business to where you are at now.

Showcasing your team is a really important step for getting the investors to know you and your business. We talk about efficient strategies for pitching to investors in our LinkedIn Learning e-course – Presentation Tips For Pitching To Investors.  This course will give you insight on what investors are looking for and how you can approach them with a solid plan for success.

When It’s Time To Introduce The Team

When you’re in a pitch meeting and the time comes for you to introduce your team, there are a few key points to keep in mind.


1. Who To Introduce

The core team is the Founder, the Chief Operating Officer, The Chief Technology Officer, or any C suite names. 

If any of these team members are unable to attend the meeting, be sure to include a picture of them with their titles in your deck. It is always nice for the investors to put a face with a name.  In fact, if you are doing a video pitch, you will want to make sure you are keeping a level of professionalism even while on camera.  Our #1 LinkedIn Learning e-course, Maintaining Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls will help you shine in front of the investors.  You’ll learn how to sound confident while on video.


2. What To Say About Your Team Members

When sharing information about your team members, a good rule is to share one or two interesting facts about that person.  You can share where they previously worked, what their responsibility is at your company, or some great projects they’ve worked on before.

Remember, now is the time to brag about accomplishments and build credibility!

It is also important to share how long everyone has been working together. 

Amir Banifatemi managing partner of K5 Ventures says, “He finds this really important because it shows that the team has weathered difficult times together and has learned to navigate different personalities.”

If your organization has more than five people, it would be wise to include an organizational chart.  This will better help explain the structure of your company and how reports funnel through.


3. What Investors Want To Know About Your Team

The key here is to answer what is on investor’s minds. They’re wondering:

  • Is the team solid?
  • Will the team stick together when things get rough?
  • Do they feel the team has the potential to grow?
  • Do they like what they see and hear from you?

The reason why all of this matters is because investors are not only investing in an idea or product, but they are also investing in the company’s people. 

They are putting their money into a business where they are trusting the leaders to lead. They’re trusting that their funds will be used wisely.

introducing your team to investors

Investors want to know that they are handing their money over to a team that they can see themselves working with.

This matters because some investors will want to be very involved in the business. This means that they also want to feel like they can work with you.

And even if the investors are hands-off, they’ll want to know they can trust you and you have the credibility to back it up.

Introducing your team to investors is an important part of any pitch meeting – they’re not only investing in you, the product, but also the people you’ve brought alongside you.

Are you ready to take your pitch to the next level?  Our premier 1-1 Clear Pitching for Success Program is for entrepreneurs looking to level-up their presentation deck and pitch. 


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introducing your team to investors

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