How To Nail Your Next Job Interview

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how to control a job interview

How To Nail Your Next Job Interview

Stepping into a job interview can make you feel very out of control.  Feeling like your every answer is under a microscope can be unsettling.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You control the direction of an interview too. In fact, when you take control of an interview, you are giving yourself the ability to showcase your strengths the way you want them to be seen.

Remember, you aren’t trying to bulldoze the person interviewing you, rather you are engaging in a dialogue where you can showcase yourself, your professional capabilities, and set yourself apart. Here are a few things you have control over:


1. Set The Tone

how to control a job interviewYes, you can set the tone of your job interview.  Setting the tone of your interview can not only include what you are wearing, but it also largely depends on your body language.  In our popular e-course, Mastering Non-Verbal Communications, we talk a lot about how to effectively use your body language to communicate.  This course will help you command a presence without saying a word.

Even if you are in a remote job interview, you can still set the tone.

Things to consider

  • Energy – bring energy to your interview.  This includes smiling and maintaining good posture. 
  • Eye Contact – even when you are in a remote job interview you will want to maintain good eye contact. Eye Contact shows that you are engaged and interested. 
  • Voice – Notice the tone of your voice.  Are you speaking monotone or with fluctuation? Practice this ahead of time! Variety is key.
  • Confidence – walk into or log into your job interview with confidence.  Even if you are nervous, being confident in your answers will help you control the outcome. Our favorite tip: take a few deep breaths.

Once you’ve set the tone in your interview, you can actively use your time to direct the way you want the interview to go.

💡We recommend the e-course “Setting the Tone As A Manager” to help you understand tone in a business setting.


2. Ask And Answer

Most interviews will focus on your resume, your experience, and your general qualifications.  But one way you can stand out amongst those also being interviewed is by asking great questions. But not just any questions, they’re questions which you may already know the answer to.

That is because you should have already done some research on the company.

For example – let’s say that you are interviewing at a company that has seen a drop in sales for Q1 due to a materials shortage. You can ask a question about the sales shortage. When you receive the answer you had a hunch about, you can then follow it up with how you have navigated this exact situation in the past.

By doing this, you are not only showing how you can bring experience to this company, but also that you currently understand their position within a particular marketplace.


3. Interview The Company

Even if you are desperate for a new job, you still want to make sure that the company is the right fit for you.  

how to control a job interviewDuring your interview, one way that you can control the outcome is by simply turning the tables and interviewing the company.

Do you want to ensure that there is room for growth?  Ask!

Do you want to know what the company culture is like?  Ask!

Remember, the key is to ask the right questions.  In our e-course, The Art Of Communication, we talk about how you can execute your speaking so it’s thoughtful and impactful. In the course, you will learn how to ask the right questions and how to answer them.

Changing your mindset and interviewing the company will help you determine whether or not you want to work there.

The more you show that you are truly interested in working at this company and what value you can add to the team, the more you will be in control and stand out.

In your next interview, remember that you have the ability to set the tone and ask the questions you want to ask!

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