Introducing Our Board Of Communicators

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board of communicators

Introducing Our Board Of Communicators

We are so excited to be introducing our board of communicators. These hand-picked advisors will help you level up your communications to their highest level. Whether you need ongoing communications support, or need help perfecting a public speech, one of our advisors is here to help.

Consider how you can benefit from our Board of Communicators:

  • One-On-One – Each person is unique in the communications support they need. Having a one-on-one advisor can give you the attention necessary to improve your communications
  • Specific Goals – All of our advisors are committed to helping you reach your specific communications goals.
  • Long Term Support – We understand you may need ongoing communications support. Our advisors are able to work with you and your schedule to ensure you are seen on a regular basis.
  • Short Term Support – Your boss may have just given you the task of speaking in front of your entire company. Don’t let panic set in!  Our advisors are equipped to help you with a short-term goal, whether it be a public speech or an interview. 
  • Easy Scheduling – We’ve made meeting and booking with your advisor simple. You can set up your initial call and book all of your meetings right from the Soulcast Media website.

Meet Our Advisors!


board of communicators


Linda Kao

Linda graduated from Wellesley College and received an MBA from Cornell University. She developed an appreciation for the art of speaking in front of an audience during business school.  Linda developed a passion for helping people brand themselves and develop their communications skills. Linda is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese and hopes to travel to Europe once the pandemic is over.


board of communicators



Rob Razzante

Rob Razzante (PhD, Arizona State University) is an experienced educator and international communication specialist who facilitates people’s growth through proven adult learning and professional development strategies. As a communication coach, Rob works with executives and young professionals to enhance their communication skills through mindfulness. 


board of communicators



Kelsey Moore

Kelsey is an award-winning professor, researcher, and speaker who has coached hundreds of clients across the globe, such as Ivy league students, TEDx speakers, and business executives. Her PhD in communication coupled with nearly a decade of experience will ensure that you receive the deepest and most cutting-edge communications coaching. So far, Kelsey has visited 46 states and hopes to travel more soon!

board of communicators



Jeff Cavallo

Jeff Cavallo is a self-made public speaker, communication arts teacher, and coach. He has worked in education for over 25-years, teaching and coaching the fundamentals of public speaking, building confidence while reducing communication anxiety, integrating mini-stories, and creating powerful presentations. 



If you are ready to challenge yourself and improve your communications, our Board of Communicators is waiting to help!

 >> *Click here to schedule a time with one of our advisors today! <<

*Disclaimer: Soulcast Media is proud to be a brokerage provider of these 1:1 communications advising services. Each Board of Communicator Independently Contracted Coach operates independently from Soulcast Media LLC. Soulcast Media vets each Contract Coach before referring them to prospective clients but is not involved with or responsible for any advice given by each independently Contracted Coach.

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