Our Work With LinkedIn

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Our work with linkedin

Since 2019, we have had the honor of working with the world-class LinkedIn Learning team to create 10 courses. Today, these courses reach over 17 million learners around the world. Each course touches on a different area of communications, including executive presence, speaking up in meetings, public speaking, building leadership visibility, and media relations. 


Prior to starting Soulcast Media, Jessica was an Emmy-Award winning TV Reporter. Her approach to teaching leverages her experience from speaking on-camera every single day. Techniques she learned such as presentation skills, interviewing skills, body language and tone of voice are all included in these courses. Fun fact: Our first course is one of LinkedIn’s most popular: Developing Executive Presence on Video Calls. This course has over 1.1 million learners and was awarded Most Watched by Global Leaders in 2021. Here are our LinkedIn Learning courses:

+Developing Executive Presence on Video Calls

+ Building Visibility As A Remote Leader

+ Speaking Up At Work

+ Media Training Essentials

+ Media Relations Foundations

+ Presentation Tips For Pitching To Investors

+ Speaking Up For Yourself And Unrepresented Groups

+ Creating And Delivering Presentations Nano Tips

+ Communicating As A Leader Nano Tips

+ Cross-Cultural Communication Nano Tips

In addition, we work with teams to conduct live leadership communication training workshops and speaking series. We’ve worked with: Google, Microsoft, Mattel, S&P Global, Medtronic, DraftKings, the CDC and more! 

If you manage a team and are looking to bring in training, let’s work together. Contact us at –  hello@soulcastmedia.com

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