Our Work With Medtronic

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Our work with medtronic

Our Work With Medtronic

We partnered with Medtronic to deliver two virtual training sessions for their APAC team (1000+ attendees).

This was part of their internal campaign, ‘Navigating the New Normal,’ which was aimed to increase connection and engagement amongst their entire APAC team. 

After the success of the two trainings, a third session was contracted for a more in-depth presentation training with their Sales & Repair team. 


What Attendees Learned

Our training teaches smart, actionable communications tips and techniques to lead in a virtual world.

  • Video Presence
  • Online Communications
  • Public Speaking
  • Body Language
  • Group Communication Dynamics
  • Video Internet Etiquette

Corporate Communications

Virtual communications is a skill anyone can learn. There are many techniques your team can learn to help them elevate their virtual speaking and presence, whether speaking internally or with clients too. 

Teams participating in our Virtual Communications Trainings For Teams have felt better equipped to navigate communicating on virtual calls. 

Let’s work together if you manage a team and want to bring in training. 

Contact us at –  hello@soulcastmedia.com

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