Our Work With Prezi

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our work with prezi

Our Work With Prezi


We partnered with Prezi to produce a 3-part video series teaching their customers how to effectively communicate on video.

The videos were divided into 3 different parts:

  • Part 1: Setting Up Your Video.
  • Part 2: Preparing your Messaging.
  • Part 3: Body Language.

Since the launch of the video series on their site, our Founder, Jessica Chen has become a highly recognized communications expert on their platform, including being featured on their Big Ideas Campaign and their Ask The Expert Series. 



Effectively communicating on video is a skill anyone can learn. There are many techniques your team can learn to help them elevate their virtual speaking and presence, whether speaking internally or with clients too. 

Teams participating in our Virtual Communications Training have felt better equipped to navigate communicating on virtual calls. 

If you manage a team and want to bring in training, let’s work together. 

Contact us at –  hello@soulcastmedia.com


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