Top 5 Hard Skills Employers Want You To Have

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top 5 hard skills employers want you to have

Top 5 Hard Skills 

top 5 hard skills employers want you to haveAccording to LinkedIn the top 5 hard skills that employers want you to have are Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Analytic Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence, and UX design. 

If you’ve been on the job hunt recently, you’ve probably seen references to one or more of these hard skills in the requirements for a job.  

Similar to the top 5 soft skills, knowing what the top 5 hard skills are and how you can learn more about them will help you stand out to a future employer.

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Now if you’re in a more soft skill role, understanding what hard skills are most in-demand is a great way for you to forecast future trends. It’s also great for engaging in communications and conversations! Here’s what they are: 


1. Blockchain

Cryptocurrency is controversial, yet it’s also extremely popular.  Blockchain is the record-keeping technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

To put it simply, blockchain is a digital database. Learning how blockchain works requires knowledge in several different fields of study including technology, algorithms, finance, and coding.

As more and more cryptocurrencies rise, employers are looking for candidates who are capable of creating blockchains. However, even if you think you’ll never code or create the blockchain system, understanding how it works is critical for you to be able to talk about it when others are referencing it. Education is power!

💡We recommend the e-course “Blockchain Basics” to help you understand blockchain.


2. Cloud Computing

You’ve probably heard the term “The Cloud.”  But do you really know what it is?  And did you know that cloud computing is one of the top 5 hard skills employers want you to have?

To put it simply, cloud computing is having all of your data available at any moment.  It’s also not having the physical storage at your place of business but rather in “the cloud”.

In the past, businesses would have to physically keep their data which could lead to a lot of storage issues as well as a lag in accessibility.

The Cloud gives companies flexibility on how much storage they need and how quickly they need to access it.

Being knowledgeable and capable of cloud computing is a skill that has maximum future benefits!

💡We recommend the e-course “Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts” to help you learn the basics of Cloud Computing.

3. Analytical Reasoning

Analytical Reasoning is your ability to look at a lot of data and find patterns within the information.  

For example, let’s say that you are managing a project.  During this time you see that there is always a shortage of supplies on Fridays.  Upon further investigation, you discover that the order for Fridays comes from a different manufacturer. From your analytical reasoning, it could be safe to say that the manufacturer is either not supplying the full order or that there is a miscalculation for what is necessary.

When you are using analytical reasoning, you are thinking critically about the data in front of you and using that data to form your thoughts or decisions.

💡We recommend the e-course “LinkedIn Learning Highlights: Analytical Reasoning” to see how Analytical Reasoning is used for project management.


4. Artificial Intelligence

You’ve probably thought that artificial intelligence refers to robots taking over, and you aren’t too far off!  Minus the taking over part!

Artificial intelligence is the use of computers or robots that can mimic human behavior. AI is also having the ability to discern information and make choices based on that information. 

Knowing how to create algorithms that can mimic human behavior while also having the ability to learn is an in-demand skill set.

In fact, an important part of designing a program that mimics human behavior is knowing how to be an excellent communicator.  In our e-course The Art of Communication, you will learn what it takes to communicate effectively.

💡We recommend the e-course “Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning” to learn more about AI and its uses.


5. UX Design

How many times have you used an app or a website and thought, that just doesn’t make sense?  Why would clicking that lead me here?  Or why can’t I find the right page?  If so, you’ve already begun to understand what a UX Designer does.

top 5 soft skills employers want you to haveUX Design is the user experience design.  And the user experience is part of our daily lives.

The role of a UX Designer is to put themselves in the user’s shoes and decide if the application is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

Apps and programs are the future so having a UX Design skill can help boost your resume!

💡We recommend the e-course “Planning A Career In User Experience” to help you expand your knowledge of UX Design.

The job market is increasingly competitive, making your resume stand out can be difficult.  But these top 5 skills employers want you to have will help you land your next job!

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top 5 hard skills employers want you to have

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