Why Your Tone Of Voice IS So Important

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why your tone of voice is so important

The Importance of Tone

Did you know that people often reject an idea solely based upon the tone of voice in which the idea was presented?

Whether you are pitching to a group of potential investors or hoping to convince your boss to hear your new idea – you’ll want to make sure how you say something matches what you are trying to say.  If you’re trying to build excitement and momentum in a meeting, make sure you sound like it. The last thing you want is to have your idea rejected simply because your tone of voice was off.

why your tone of voice is so important

If you’ve never considered how your tone of voice can affect your career, now is the time to craft your leadership tone of voice.  

Remember, the tone of your voice is important for getting your message across clearly and effectively.


1. Impact

Your tone of voice is there to help make your message impactful. Think about the word, ‘okay.’ That word can have several different meanings based on the tone alone.  For example, it can come off as sarcastic, defeated, or excited, just based upon your tone.

So when you are crafting your message, whether it be a presentation, one-on-one conversations, or a video call – think about how you want the message to be received.

Your tone should not be accidental, it should be intentional. 

Are you hoping to get your team excited about a new project?  If so, your tone should reflect that!


2. Relate To Your Team

why your tone of voice is so importantLike we stated above, how you say something can have a huge impact on how your message is received.  But did you know that your tone of voice can also help you build a connection with your team?


Think about it this way – when you are speaking to your team and you’re aware of how they are feeling, your tone of voice can help build a closer bond with them. For example, let’s say you have to talk to your team about a current project.  It’s not good news. You know the changes you’re suggesting will cost them more time.  

But, if you strategically communicate in a tone that is leveled and smooth, it’ll show empathy and understanding. In fact, if your team feels like you’re sympathetic and empathetic, you’ll build trust. It’ll also help keep morale from dropping.


3. Perception

The way your colleagues and team members perceive you is hugely based on your tone of voice.  Taking it one step further, how you say something may affect whether or not your team will want to listen to you and your ideas. Be sure to read our tone of voice article where our Founder, Jessica Chen interviews Tone of Voice expert, Dr. Wendy LeBorgne as they break down what makes your voice brand. 

In today’s world, with video calls becoming much more commonplace, it is even more important that you are able to perfect your tone of voice when speaking.  

Remember, how you say something is just as important, if not more, than the words you are saying.  As a leader, your tone of voice can have a huge impact on how your team performs and how they see you. Perfecting your tone will help you advance in your career and be seen as the leader you know you are!


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