How To Be a Powerful Communicator

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how to become a powerful communicator

Learning how to become a powerful communicator is important not only in business but in your personal life.  Knowing how to say what you want or need is imperative for relationship building.

how to be a powerful communicatorOur CEO and Founder, Jessica Chen, recently hosted a Soulcast Media | LIVE on LinkedIn with the Founder of The Resilience Edge, Gemma Leigh Roberts. 

They shared key tips and personal experiences on how to become a powerful communicator while leading with EQ. To recap, they touched on emotional intelligence, relationship building, intent vs. impact, compassionate leadership, and resilience.

how to be a powerful communicator


1. Message And Mindset

Making sure your message is received by your audience can be difficult.  Sometimes what you say and what the audience hears don’t translate seamlessly. That is because we all process information differently.  It’s important to keep these things in mind when you are preparing your message so it resonates.

  • What do they care about?
  • What do they want to hear? 
  • What do they expect to hear?
  • What motivates them? 
  • How are they feeling right now?
  • What is going on in their lives?

Framing the message from the other person’s point of view can help them be more receptive to your message.  If you need a strategy for your upcoming presentation or public speaking engagement, check out our e-course Powerful Presentation Strategies

Important: Remember who your audience is and tailoring your message to what they care about.


2. Impact Vs. Intent

Have you ever said something and you could immediately see it did not land right? The other person’s facial expression changed. Now, you’re doing damage control. Yikes! This is the difference between intent and impact. The truth is, you may not have intended to make someone feel upset, but the impact of what you said did. If this happens, here’s how to troubleshoot:  

  • Clarify immediately what you meant to say
  • If it’s too late, go through a play-by-play of the situation and what might have been going through your mind at the time [muddled thinking]
  • Notice your choice of words
  • Consider whether speaking slower may help next time
  • Get feedback from others – what could you do even better?


3. Compassionate Leadership

If you lead a team and are striving to become a more compassionate leader, keep these four things in mind.

how to be a powerful communicator

  • Showing personality and stories that resonate [not because you want to boast]
  • Constantly reiterate that we are all working towards the greater good together
  • Communicate frequently what is expected and the bigger picture
  • Take time to build individual relationships with your core team members. Encourage them to do the same!

It can be challenging to lead your team remotely. However, it is possible. Check out our LinkedIn Learning course: Developing your Visibility as a Remote Leader to help you lead effectively.


4. Resilience

Understanding that good enough is sometimes okay.  If you wait until you are perfect or that your message is perfect, you will never actually communicate because it will never be perfect in your eyes. That means:

  • Try is better than no try
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Take each failure as a learning tool
  • Move onwards and upwards

Becoming a powerful communicator takes practice and patience. But being proactive and finding support can help speed up the process. Before you know it, you will see that becoming a powerful and clear communicator is possible! Don’t wait to just figure it out. Action is key. If you would like to see the full LIVE version of Jessica and Gemma’s conversation, check out Jessica’s YouTube Channel.

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