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There is nothing like getting 1:1 communications coaching. It’s the absolute best way to improve your speaking and confidence in the workplace because it’s tailored to you. 

Linda Kao

Linda graduated from Wellesley College and received an MBA from Cornell University. She is passionate about helping people develop their communication skills and better represent themselves. Linda specializes in perfecting the “elevator pitch” and “crafting the story” in both an interview-type setting as well as in front of a larger audience. As a multicultural, minority woman, she also understands the nuances of how different backgrounds can affect communication which impacts perception. Linda is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese and hopes to travel to Europe once the pandemic is over.

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Rob Razzante

Rob Razzante (PhD, Arizona State University) is a National Communication Association award-winning instructor, and researcher who has worked with global companies such as Google, SAP, Cleveland Clinic, & NS2 Serves in a variety of roles including: executive public speaking coach, organizational consultant, and learning & development professional. He is currently a learning & development professional for a global tech start-up based in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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Kelsey Moore

Kelsey is an award-winning professor, researcher, and speaker who has coached hundreds of clients across the globe, such as Ivy league students, TEDx speakers, and business executives. Her PhD in communication coupled with nearly a decade of experience will ensure that you receive the deepest and most cutting-edge communications coaching. So far, Kelsey has visited 46 states and hopes to travel more soon!

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Jeff Cavallo

Jeff Cavallo is a self-made public speaker, communication arts teacher, and coach. He has worked in education for over 25-years, teaching and coaching the fundamentals of public speaking, building confidence while reducing communication anxiety, integrating mini-stories, and creating powerful presentations. His approach and philosophy use simple, transferable, authentic, practical, and relevant techniques and strategies that apply to any situation or audience. 

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*Disclaimer: Soulcast Media is proud to be a brokerage provider of these 1:1 communications advising services. Each Board of Communicator Independently Contracted Coach operates independently from Soulcast Media LLC. Soulcast Media vets each Contract Coach before referring them to prospective clients but is not involved with or responsible for any advice given by each independently Contracted Coach.

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