Meet Rob Razzante

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board of communicators

We are thrilled to introduce you to one of our Board of Communicators members, Rob Razzante.

Rob’s passion for communications is why we know he can help anyone improve their communications confidence.

We spoke with Rob about why he is excited to be on our Board Of Communicators and wanted to share our conversations with you below!

1. What’s your approach to helping folks improve their communications confidence?
Confidence is a proven ability of doing something over and over again. I believe the best way to develop communication confidence is to unlearn ineffective habits and simultaneously learn new habits that promote clear and effective communication. For example, public speaking causes people anxiety. That anxiety takes control of us and it inhibits our ability to communicate clearly and confidently. However, reducing our anxiety is a first step in consciously regaining control of our thoughts and body. Once we regain control of our thoughts and body, we can then focus attention on building new habits and practice those habits until they become natural to us. In sum, the process is: develop self-awareness, (un)learn new habits, and practice, practice, practice. Click here for a demonstration of what this looks like. 
2. Why do you think communications is so important for career success?
Human beings are inherently social beings and communication is the way we coordinate meaning and action. The dangers of ineffective communication are staggering. For example, miscommunication can lead to wasted resources, putting people’s lives at risk, or not maximizing our relationships with others. Conversely, effective communication can promote human flourishing at work, cross-functional efficiency, and inclusive decision-making. One may know the technical skills of their job, yet communication is the glue that binds such technical knowledge with results. 
board of communicators
3. In your experience, why do people struggle with communications?
In my experience, the following obstacles lead to peoples’ struggles with communication: an unrelenting ego, a fear of being judged, a lack of self-confidence, self-awareness, or knowledge, and above all an unwillingness to improve. At the core of all these obstacles is ourselves. We certainly learn how to communicate from external sources such as family, school, work, religious communities, media, etc. At the same time, we’re also responsible for our commitment to our own personal growth. A lack of commitment to our own growth prevents us from overcoming our struggles. When we can free ourselves from our own confinement, we can begin taking the necessary steps for improvement. 
4. What do you love most working with clients on speaking?
I love working with clients on public speaking because public speaking is an avenue for personal transformation. I enjoy meeting clients where they are in their current skill-level and joining them on their journey of personal growth. I believe coaching can help clients unleash their full potential for creative self-expression that enhances relationships, leadership skills, and personal confidence. I also love learning from my clients. I believe clients bring with them a great wealth of knowledge and experience that I can learn from. I believe a coaching relationship can be symbiotic. 
5. Please share your communications growth story.
As the fourth of six boys in my family, being a middle child has proven to be a very formative experience in my communication growth. When born, we’re thrown into the world around us and we have to make sense of how the world works and our place within it. As a middle child, I learned by witnessing my older brothers’ successes and failures. Their experience taught me greatly on how to communicate with friends, family, teachers, coaches, colleagues, community, etc. When combined with my own experience, I learned how communication can be a tool for cultivating trust, empathy, teamwork, and compassion with others. As a middle child, however, it’s also my responsibility to use the wisdom I’ve gained to teach and coach my younger brothers as they and make their place in the world. This metaphor of family and being a middle child translates to my career as a communication coach: I learn from those who have gone before me and coach those seeking guidance. Whether it’s coaching executive leaders or young professionals, teaching in academia, or consulting with community groups, I believe we have a wealth of knowledge and resources we can share with each other to enhance our relationships. This process is ongoing and I look forward to continual learning and coaching. 
>> If you would like to book a 1:1 session with Rob click here!* <<
*Disclaimer: Soulcast Media is proud to be a brokerage provider of these 1:1 communications advising services. Each Board of Communicator Independently Contracted Coach operates independently from Soulcast Media LLC. Soulcast Media vets each Contract Coach before referring them to prospective clients but is not involved with or responsible for any advice given by each independently Contracted Coach.

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