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We partnered with LinkedIn Learning to create exclusive communications content for their 17 million users. Our first course is one of their most popular courses: Developing Executive Presence on Video Calls. We have become a trusted communications partner with now four courses released and another two courses currently in production. Total view count on all video courses has exceeded more than 1 million learners.

We partnered with Medtronic to deliver two virtual training sessions for their APAC team (1000+ attendees). This was part of their internal campaign, ‘Navigating the New Normal,’ which was aimed to increase connection and engagement amongst their entire APAC team. After the success of the two trainings, a third session was contracted for a more in-depth presentation training with their Sales & Repair team. 

We partnered with the Molson Coors Beverage Company (Coors Light) to teach their field marketing and branding team how to better present on video. An internal communications survey was created and deployed to the employees, which was used to build out and customize a 60-minute presentation to their specific needs. The partnership resulted in the team learning how to develop executive presence on video and how to conduct video presentations.

We partnered with Elvium Life Sciences (parent company: Purdue Pharma) to train their entire field sales team and executive leadership team how to communicate effectively on video calls. Because of the success of the national training, Soulcast Media was contracted to do a deep-dive training to boost their entire sales teams’ engagement on video with health care providers. The four-week long training consisted of multiple live training sessions and individual live presentation feedback.

We partnered with Prezi to produce a 3-part video series teaching their customers how to effectively communicate on video. The videos were divided into Part 1: Setting Up Your Video. Part 2: Preparing your Messaging. Part 3: Body Language. Since the launch of the video series on their site, our Founder, Jessica Chen has become a highly recognized communications expert on their platform, including being featured on their Big Ideas Campaign and their Ask The Expert Series. 

We partnered with Lendistry to produce three complete communications courses from scratch. The video trainings are featured on their nonprofit related entity, The Center for Strategic Economic Studies and Institutional Development, which provides technical assistance, educational, and other services to Lendistry’s small business customers. The courses teach small business owners how to effectively communicate when fundraising, communicate with their teams and how to speak with customers.

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