Pitching Yourself At Work

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Pitching Yourself At Work

Whether you’re asking for a raise, hoping to get a promotion, or want to take the lead on the next project; learning how to pitch yourself strategically can help you get what you want. In this week’s newsletter, global communication expert, Jessica Chen, chats with the CEO & Founder of Great On The Job, Jodi Glickman.

Below is a small snippet of their entire conversation held on our Soulcast Media | LIVE show on LinkedIn. If you’d like to watch or listen to the entire interview, click below. The transcript has been slightly edited for reading ease. 

📺 Watch the full live event here
🎙️ Listen to the Podcast episode here

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Why Pitching Yourself Is Important

Jodi – There’s a myth out there that if you do really good work, put your head down, work really hard, and put in the effort, you will be rewarded. And that’s not the way the world works.

There’s no world where you can do really good work and be acknowledged for it and recognized.

You need to build your network. You need to have people know you, trust you, respect you, and admire you. There is something to be said for building authentic, meaningful relationships and connections and being able to talk about the amazing work you do so that you can bring other people into your orbit, your ideas can have an impact, and you can sell yourself and your ideas.


On Making Opportunities

Jodi – There’s an opportunity that we lose out on all of the time, all of us. And it’s when someone says to you, how are you? And in that brief moment, when someone says, how are you? Most of us answer with, I’m fine, thanks. Or I’m good. Or, Oh my God, I’m so busy, or I’m slammed, or I’m exhausted, right?

When someone says to you, how are you? It’s an amazing opportunity for you to talk about yourself in a really positive and powerful way.

Your answer should be, I’m great. Thank you so much. We just landed this new client account, and it’s amazing.  Or you can say, I’m great, thank you. I’m really excited. I just got staffed on this new project with the Nestle team, and I’m learning a ton from the management team.

You can talk about something that is meaningful and interesting to you in a way that prompts a conversation that you want to have and in a way that shows you in a really positive light. 


📺 Watch the full live event here
🎙️ Listen to the Podcast episode here


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