Keeping Your Presentation Interesting

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keeping your presentation interesting

Keeping Your Presentation Interesting

As we gear up for our presentations, one key thing we must keep in mind is how to truly connect with our audience. So, let’s ask ourselves, “How can I keep my presentation interesting? How can I really grab their attention?”

The middle of our presentations is where the exciting things happen. Think of this section as a journey. This is where we dive into the heart of the matter and unleash all those fascinating facts and data we’ve uncovered. 

Here’s the thing, though: studies show that the average attention span for a PowerPoint presentation is just 10 minutes.  So, this makes it even more crucial for us to make the middle part of our presentation super engaging.

Below are three ways to keep our presentations interesting.

1. Start With Results

Starting with results can keep our presentations super interesting. We need to share those awesome results right off the bat. That’s how we grab our audience’s attention and keep them glued to their seats. No more waiting around or wondering what’s in it for them – we lay it all out there from the very beginning!

Consider the following:

  • Our Discovery – In the middle of our presentation, we want to share what we’ve found through our research. keeping presentations interesting our competitors. Picture this: we conducted a survey to figure out how our product stacks up against the competition. Our stakeholders are going to want to know if our product is superior. So, here’s the golden rule to keep things engaging: give the results right away.

    We need to dive right into the findings and let our stakeholders know the nitty-gritty. We reveal how our product performs compared to the competition. Our stakeholders won’t be able to resist leaning in and getting excited about what’s coming next.

  • Our Process – Once we’ve shared the results, we will want to let our audience in on our process. We dive into the nitty-gritty, revealing how we gathered and analyzed all our data. Picture this: we’re talking about creating our super cool new product; we’re talking multiple rounds of testing. Now, our audience is in for a treat as we walk them through each testing round, giving them the lowdown on what those tests were all about. We’ll also let them in on how we crunched the numbers and calculated the results.  By doing this, we’re giving our audience the full picture, the context they need to truly grasp the significance of our discoveries. They’ll see the effort, the dedication, and the brilliance behind our product. 
When it comes to keeping our audience engaged, the results are like the golden ticket. They’re what everyone’s been waiting for! So, let’s not keep them in suspense any longer. We lay it all out there, right from the start – no beating around the bush!


2. Chronological Order

Another way to explain the results of our findings is by presenting them in chronological order. Our audience will appreciate this smooth and easy-to-digest flow.

Consider the following:

  • Order – Sharing our findings in a chronological order is like giving our audience a clear roadmap of how we got from point A to point Z. It’s like connecting the dots for them, step by step, so they can see the logical progression of our journey. This comes in super handy when we need to explain the reasons behind our decisions.So, picture this: we take them by the hand and walk them through our process. We start with the first thing we looked for – let’s call it A, B, and C.  And then, we smoothly move on to the next step, no fuss, no confusion – just simple and logical. It’s like leading them on a guided tour through the thought process behind our decisions.keeping your presentations interesting
  • Transitions – Let’s jazz up our presentation with some exciting transitions as we move from one step to the next. We don’t want to be those monotonous “slide-readers.” Instead, we sprinkle in transition words that add a whole new level of excitement!

We’re gonna take our audience on a captivating journey through our findings, step by step, in that smooth chronological order. It’s like a story unfolding right before their eyes, and they won’t be able to look away


3. Provide Numericals

The middle of our presentations can be like a maze for our audience, so, let’s make it a breeze for them to follow along. We can use numericals to keep everyone on track and headed in the right direction. It’s like putting signposts along the way, guiding them through the twists and turns of our presentation.

Consider the following:

  • Numbers – Numbers can help our audience navigate through the twists and turns of our presentation. We’ll use these digits to make it a smooth ride for everyone. Using numbers  we’ll lead our audience through the journey, making sure they don’t miss a beat.
  • Points – When it comes to presenting our findings, we don’t need to overwhelm our audience with every tiny detail. Instead, let’s keep it concise and engaging, focusing on the high-level highlights. By keeping it high-level, we’re leaving them wanting more. They’ll be curious about the details, but we’ve given them the essence of our research in a digestible and engaging way.

Using numbers is like giving our presentation a natural flow – it’s like stepping stones that lead our audience seamlessly through the journey of our findings.

The secret to capturing our audience’s attention and keeping them engaged lies in answering the all-important “how” and “why” questions. This approach is fluid and conversational, like we’re having a chat with our audience. We’re guiding them through the “how” and the “why,” and they’ll be mesmerized, eager for every detail we share.


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