Leadership Presence At Work

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leadership presence in the workplace

Leadership Presence At Work

It’s ironic that we think developing “leadership presence” is about our title or number of years worked. The reality is, it is about how people feel when they see you and hear you speak. 

Founder & CEO of Soulcast Media, Jessica Chen recently chatted with Soulcast Media’s 1:1 communication coach, Ann Kerian where they shared tips on how you can build your leadership presence at work.

Below is a small snippet of the entire conversation held on our Soulcast Media | LIVE show. If you’d like to watch or listen to the entire interview, click below. The transcript has been slightly edited for reading ease. 

📺 Watch the full live event here
🎙️ Listen to the Podcast episode here

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Leadership Presence

Ann – A person who exudes leadership presence is somebody who makes you feel like you are the only person in the room. You feel like they’re talking to you, even if there are hundreds of people with you. And you feel so engaged that you can’t stop listening to them.

I think the biggest compliment I can receive is when someone says, I can listen to you all day.

It means, I’ve done something to connect with them on a personal level. They’re instantly inspired, and that’s really the goal.

I once had a boss who was very enthusiastic and complimentary. They were engaging and could motivate other people. They would let people talk, let people be engaged at their own speed, and be an incredible motivator just by their presence. That’s what I think leadership presence is.

It is all day, every day. It’s coming into work. It’s being with your employees, your staff, it’s being positive. That’s going to help everybody  feel that type of confidence as well.


On Boosting Confidence

Ann – If you don’t like how you are being perceived, or you don’t like what people are saying about you, you have two choices: You can keep doing whatever you’re doing and just take what everybody says and not let it bother you, or you can change.

If you want to be a leader and you don’t think people are seeing you that way, and it’s something you want to do, then it does take change on your part.

What are you doing that you can improve on? What are the things you can change?

And if there are things you can’t change, then we have to let those go.

It’s all about being mentally and physically prepared. Make sure your mindset is right and you aren’t too tired. And then practice, practice, practice.

📺 Watch the full live event here
🎙️ Listen to the Podcast episode here


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