Presenting With Powerful Body Language

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presenting with powerful body language

Presenting with Powerful Body Language

Your presentations are not just words. The way you stand, move, and gesture keeps your audience engaged. Your body language draws them in, making sure they’re right there with you from start to finish. 

55% of what we communicate is through body language. Think about it like this: when you’re up there giving a presentation, it’s not just about the words flowing from your mouth. Your gestures, posture, and even a little grin speak volumes without uttering a single word.

1. What To Do With Your Hands

So, when it comes to considering body language, your hands are responsible for emphasizing what you’re saying. Most of the time, we’re already waving them around without even realizing it. There are several ways to turn your hands into those subtle yet powerful nonverbal highlighters.

Consider the following:

Whether you’re explaining your latest project or diving into a new idea, let your hands add that extra flair to your words.


2. What Not To Do With Your Hands

Consider the following:

  • Don’t Point – Sure, we all want to emphasize our ideas, but pointing directly at someone might unintentionally come across as aggressive or not so welcoming. We want to keep our gestures more open and inviting. presenting with powerful body language
  • Picture this: you’re chatting away, but if you clasp your hands right in front of you, it’s like shining a spotlight on them instead of your words. We definitely want the spotlight on what you’re saying, not your hands, right? Now, let’s talk props. Having a pen or paper might seem like a safety net, but you might find yourself fumbling with it while you’re talking. It’s totally natural, but it can pull attention away from your brilliant presentation. So, if you can, consider going hands-free and letting your words take the stage instead.

We want your gestures to enhance your presence, not steal the spotlight.


3. Facial Expressions

From raised eyebrows of surprise to a thoughtful nod, your facial expressions bring your words to life. So, don’t hold back – let your face join the conversation and watch your presentation come alive with that extra oomph!

Consider the following:

When you’re in control and totally owning the stage, your face is like a mirror that reflects your inner confidence.

Your body language guides your presentation. When you stand tall, use those gestures to emphasize, and let your movements flow with purpose, your audience stays engaged.


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