Soulcast Media and Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment Announce Partnership

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Soulcast Media and Women and Toys, Licensing and Entertainment Announce Partnership

Soulcast Media and Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment Announce Partnership

We are partnering with Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WiT) to bring their members regular leadership communication training every month. 

This career development program titled, Lead Powerfully, Communicate Clearly, is designed to help WiT members elevate their workplace communication skills. Topics include public speaking, advocating for yourself, building credibility, small talk, interpersonal communication skills, among many others. Each month is a different topic. 

This partnership includes:

  • Monthly communication workshops lead by the Founder of Soulcast Media, Jessica Chen.
  • Brand new communication topics and e-learning videos each month
  • Bi-weekly emails to help members stay on track with their communication learning
  • 50% off 1:1 communication coaching

“We are excited to partner with Soulcast Media, an organization that is as committed as we are to giving women the tools they need to advance their careers,” said Mary Kay Russell, Executive Director at Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment. 

“Good communications skills in the workplace are key to career success at all levels, and evolving work styles with the shift toward hybrid have increased the importance of good communication. We look forward to working with Jessica and her talented team to deliver a powerful program that will help our members elevate the way they communicate.”

Communication is one of the most important workplace skills, and we’re thrilled to offer this professional development training to the WiT Community.

“Soulcast Media’s mission has always been to help professionals level-up one of the most important skills for career success: communications. We are excited to partner with Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment and teach communications skills to members so they can feel confident communicating in all settings.” – Jessica Chen, Founder & CEO, Soulcast Media


Corporate Communications



Effective communication is a skill anyone can learn. It’s also a never-ending journey. If you’d like to learn more about our monthly workshops and how we can tailor it to your organization, let’s work together. 

Download our monthly workshop pamphlet here

Contact us at –

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