Staying Visible When Remote

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staying visible when remote

Staying Visible When Remote

In a remote world, we don’t have the luxury of walking past someone’s desk, or catching up in the hallway. These moments are very valuable, but they’re often serendipitous. 

According to a recent survey, 64% of remote workers do not have a visibility strategy to stay top of mind.

Because of this, it is critical to find ways to reach out to our bosses for reasons unrelated to our job responsibilities.

1. Value-Add

One way we can stay top of mind when working remotely is by offering to help our managers. We want to ensure we are giving value-driven offers.

Consider the following:

  • Tasks – We can offer to take something small off our manager’s plate. For example, we can offer to set up a meeting for them, or set the groundwork so they can reach their objectives. Not only are we helping our boss, but we are also carving out an opportunity to be seen. staying visible while working remote
  • Take The Lead – If we see an opportunity to take the lead on a project, we can ask our manager to do so. This can be something already happening, or we can offer to start something from scratch. For example, if we see a gap in one of our workflows, we can offer to do some research and find ways to fill this gap. Taking the lead will also allow us to get more face time with our manager as we report our research findings.
  • Align Objectives – Most likely, our managers have a lot on their to-do lists. Because of this, we can look for ways to align our objectives with our managers. For example, if we know our manager wants to create a video library full of trainings, we can offer to write the scripts, edit the videos, or record our manager. In this way, we are helping our manager reach their objectives and showcasing our value.

Taking the initiative to do something small and unexpected will help us stand out to our managers. 


2. Communication

Being remote means we have to focus on having excellent communication. We must be intentional with our interactions so they have the maximum impact.

Consider the following:

  • Schedule Meetings – When working remotely, we must schedule regular interactions with our managers. For example, we can schedule a weekly or bi-weekly meeting. The key is to keep them short and concise. We don’t want to take up too much of our manager’s time, but we also want to stay top of mind.
  • Get To Know Them – We can use communication to get to know our boss. For example, one way is to engage in small talk. This is valuable because it lets us know our managers more deeply. This is how bonds and connections are made.
  • Loop Them In – When working remotely, we may only see our manager at our weekly or bi-weekly meetings. The rest of the time, our managers may not honestly know what we are working on. This is why we must loop them in. For example, one way we can do this is by sending a weekly email listing the tasks we are working on, the status of projects, and any roadblocks we foresee. Not only will this build trust with our manager, but it will also communicate to them our value.

Excellent communication is critical for visibility. The more we can clearly communicate with our managers, the more trust and credibility we will build.


3. Be Proactive

One of the most important things we can do when trying to stay top of mind in a remote working world is to be proactive. We don’t want to be forgotten; we want our managers to know we are valuable.

Consider the following:

  • Speak Up – It can be hard to be seen during a virtual meeting. However, one way to be proactive is to ensure we speak up during the meeting. For example, we can prepare one thing to say before the meeting begins. The more we speak up, the more visible we will be. staying visible while remote
  • Show Interest – It can be very easy to disengage while working remotely. If we aren’t proactive, our colleagues and even our managers may forget about us. We have to show we are interested in our work. For example, one way to show our interest is by replying all when our manager sends an email. This way, everyone on our team will see our name pop up and show we are actively participating. We need to be mindful that we don’t do this with every email.
  • Camera On – We’ve all been to virtual meetings where the person speaking is talking to a bunch of black boxes. One way to be proactive is to keep our cameras on. For example, if we are in a big meeting and our camera is on, our manager will see our faces and see us reacting and interacting with their presentation. This will also build trust with our managers because they know we are paying attention and focused on their message.

Being proactive requires us to put in the extra effort. However, the extra effort pays off when we stay top of mind among our managers.

Staying visible when working remotely can be a challenge. Focusing on value-driven offers, excellent communication, and staying proactive will help us remain visible even when working remotely.


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