5 Courses To Boost Your Conversation Skills

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5 courses to boost your conversation skills

5 Courses To Boost Your Conversation Skills

Conversation skills are critical to career success.  This is because, in order to have your ideas heard, you have to be able to clearly and effectively communicate them.  According to Ring Central, communication barriers cost an estimated $37 billion per year in lost productivity. Knowing how to converse with your coworkers is paramount!

Conversations are all about listening and being listened to.

The more confident you are in your conversation skills, the more easily you will be able to share your thoughts, speak up at work, increase your visibility, and get your ideas heard by the right people within your organization.

Below are 5 courses we believe will help you boost your conversation skills.


1. The Art Of Communication

Why is this course important?

  • Understanding how to overcome what prevents you from speaking confidently will boost your communication abilities.
  • Effective communication is key to career and life success.
  • Incorporating your own experience will help you relate to others and build relationships.

We love this course because it helps you remove any mental barriers you have about communication.  This will course will help you communicate your thoughts and ideas in a way that will resonate with others.

2. Starting A Memorable Conversation

Why is this course important?

  • Learning how to strike up a conversation with anyone is important at the workplace.
  • Conversations can open doors for career opportunities.
  • Knowing how to end a conversation in a mindful way is critical for a memorable conversation.

We love this course because it gives you a formula on how you can create a memorable conversation at work. This course also goes over conversation pitfalls to avoid, which can help make conversations with strangers less scary.

3. Mastering Non-Verbal Communication

Why is this course important?

  • Non-Verbal communication makes up 55% of all communications
  • What your body language says can impact your message.
  • What you say must match how you say it in order for your message to be effective.

You will learn how to command attention and establish your presence without speaking at all.  This course breaks down the importance of using non-verbal communication to engage your audience and let your message shine through.

4. Becoming A Great Conversationalist

Why is this course important?

  • Listening is an essential part of becoming a great conversationalist.
  • Paying attention to the person with whom you are speaking and understanding their mood can help you during the conversation.
  • Keeping your messages concise will move the conversation forward.

We love this course because it dives deep into how listening can really impact whether or not your conversations will be great. This course also will help you self-reflect on what makes a great conversation.

5. Communicating With Confidence

Why is this course important?

  • Confident communication builds credibility.
  • When you feel confident, you will be able to contribute more easily in conversations.
  • When you communicate with confidence, others will want to join you in conversation.

Everyone wants to speak with confidence and this course shows you exactly how to do it! This course gives techniques and strategies to boost your communication confidence. 

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