Creating Programs That Increase Remote Visibility

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creating programs that increase remote visibility

Creating Programs That Increase Remote Visibility

creating programs that increase virtual visibilityLeaders can do so many things to stay visible within their organization. You may have organized town hall meetings, created video messages, or written out your thoughts in a newsletter.  However, you may want to get extra creative.  Estée Lauder is an excellent example of this.  They’ve taken a proactive approach to engaging those within their company. 

Below we will discuss in-depth what Estée Lauder has done and how you can replicate their industry-leading program.

1. The Program

Estée Lauder has a program called the CEO Global Reverse Mentorship Program.  In this program, they pair senior leaders with millennials and Gen Z staff to learn from each other. 

This is an excellent way for leaders to get a pulse of what is happening with their up and coming generation.  This is a great opportunity for millennials and Gen Zers to be front and center with decision-makers. 

The beauty of this program is it can involve the entire organization, despite people being spread across the world.  All you have to do is jump into a video meeting.  

The great thing about this program, is it creates opportunities for people to be visible to each other.  It’s a win-win for the entire organization and its people. 

Now, if you think your company could really benefit from a program like this, consider the following:

  • Take the initiative to build it out. 
  • Connect with your leadership team and those you work with to get their buy-in. 

You can also start small.  Begin with your core department. If you take a proactive approach, and build out a program like Estée Lauder, everyone will be impressed. And as the leader, you are building huge visibility for yourself along the way. 


2. Plan It Out

Once you have buy-in from your team, begin to plan out how people should be paired together.  This will also give you the opportunity to get to know more people outside of your initial team.  Which, again, will provide you with a lot of visibility. 

Consider the following as you pair people together:

  • Department Heads – Contact the heads of each department.  Find out who wants to be a part of this program and their career goals.  For example, if you know John is interested in marketing, consider pairing him up with a senior marketing leader. creating programs that increase virtual visibility
  • Hype The Program – Often, people look at getting involved in another company program as interfering with their work.  It is important for you to showcase how exciting and advantageous this program is to everyone involved.  For example, you can give prior examples like Estée Lauder.  You can also get soundbites and reviews from other companies about how this program helped them advance their careers.  Creating an exciting presentation will help you hype the program, so everyone is on-board.  
  • Tell Everyone – When you have an exciting new company-wide program launching, you will want to ensure everyone within your company knows how they can get involved.  For example, you can send out a newsletter with all the information.  You can also make sure each department has a meeting dedicated to answering any questions about the new program.  

Now, if your organization or company has something like this, it would be highly beneficial for you to join and get involved.  The more you are involved, the more of a value-add you will be. 

Despite being in a remote world, the chances of being visible really are everywhere.  You have to take a proactive approach to find which way fits you and your style the best.


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