Executive Presence on Video

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Executive Presence on Video

How do you create and improve executive presence on video calls?


Executive presence isn’t linked to the number of work experience you have or how loud you are either. Presence is cultivated from the inside out and is a skill that can be improved.

Video calls are becoming the foundation of how we do business today. They attribute to how we develop relationships, conduct interviews, hold team meetings, and much more. Because it’s such a visual medium, developing executive presence and conducting engaging meetings is important.

Here are 4 steps to improve your executive presence!




 -Test your computer’s audio to ensure it is working properly and move to a quiet, comfortable area. 

-Try to sign in a few minutes ahead of the scheduled meeting to introduce and make small talk with your guests. 

-Position your laptop at eye-level and be aware of your body posture. 

-Sit facing a natural light source and be mindful of your background and what is in the camera’s frame. 


General Etiquette 


-When speaking, look into the lens to mimic eye contact. 

-Treat every video interaction as if you’re speaking to them in-person. 

-Mute the microphone when you are not speaking.

-Wait 1 or 2 seconds before speaking after another person finishes to avoid interrupting. 


How to Engage


-Be tuned into the conversations and be mindful/encouraging of everyone speaking up. 

-Establish  hand signals so participants know it’s a cue to stop talking

-Using visuals can be more engaging. 


Enhance the Conversation


-Ensure your phone is on silent, turn off any messaging functions, and refrain from checking your email.

-Use hand gestures to emphasize important points.

-Be engaging, confident, and clear when speaking. 









We also have a PDF version of this post! Feel free to download and share with anyone who is looking to improve their video calling skills. 

As always, please share your experiences and thoughts on this topic. Are there any tips you use to really enhance your video presence?

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