Finding Work-Life-Happiness

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finding work-life-happiness

Finding Work-Life-Happiness

Almost everyone’s on the quest for that elusive work-life-happiness, or as some call it, work-life balance. In fact, a recent study found that a whopping 72% of folks out there put work-life balance on their job search checklist.

But what exactly is this work-life-happiness we’re all chasing, and how do we snag it?

Here’s the real scoop: work-life-happiness is all about your mindset, and the good news is that it’s within everyone’s reach if they set their sights on it.

finding work-life-happinessOur CEO and Founder, Jessica Chen, recently hosted a Soulcast Media | LIVE event on LinkedIn, where she interviewed the Founder & CEO of LightWorks, Sally Wolf.

They shared tips and personal stories about finding work-life-happiness.


1. Reframe Your Mindset

During the Soulcast Media | LIVE event, Jessica and Sally were on the same page. They both emphasized that nailing that work-life-happiness thing boils down to our mindsets. It’s all about flipping the script in our heads to discover happiness even when life throws us curveballs.

Consider the following:

  • Opportunities – Opportunities often hang out right alongside obstacles, like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. The catch is, we’ve got to be the treasure hunters and seek them out. Take, for instance, when we’re handed a new project that demands us to master a whole new program. Sure, it might seem like an obstacle at first, but guess what? It’s also a golden opportunity. Not only can we level up our skillset, but we can also show off our knack for bouncing back and adapting. finding work-life-happiness
  • Gratitude – When life throws us an obstacle, it’s like a test of our resilience, right? But here’s a cool trick: if we can spot something to be thankful for in that moment or even on that day, it can be a game-changer when stress and overwhelm start knocking on our door. Imagine this scenario: You discover you’ve got to do a presentation at a meeting, and you’re not exactly jumping for joy. But hold on a sec! You can take a quick pause and be thankful that this is your chance to shine and get noticed by your manager. It’s all about your mindset.
  • Choice – Just like picking out an outfit in the morning, our mindset is something we get to choose. It’s totally in our hands, and it’s all about being proactive. Think about it this way: When a pesky obstacle shows up on our path, we’ve got options. We can either hang out with that obstacle and give it all our attention, or we can put on our detective hats and start hunting for the opportunities hidden within it. It’s like a mental makeover, and it’s completely up to us to take charge and give our mindset a fresh new look. 

Switching up our mindset is like the first step on the path to work-life-happiness.

2. Communicating Boundaries

Opening up about what we’re up to and why it’s making us happier can be a total game-changer. It’s all about sharing with others what really matters to us and making some firm boundaries around those precious things. 

Consider the following:

  • Identify Your Non-Negotiable – Step one: we’ve gotta figure out what our absolute must-do, can’t-live-without activity or self-care routine is. Take Sally, for instance, during that Soulcast Media | LIVE event, she said her non-negotiable was her dancing class. Now, once we’ve nailed down that happiness-inducing gem, it’s all about laying down the law. We need to be crystal clear and communicate some boundaries to make sure nothing messes with our happiness.
  • Clear Communication – Clear communication is key when it comes to setting those boundaries. No beating around the bush! Take a situation like picking up the kids from school, for instance. You’ve gotta have a straight-up chat with your manager and let them know that, hey, you’ll be available for emails after you’ve done the school run. It’s all about being direct and crystal clear when you’re marking those boundaries. 
  • Communicating With Ourselves – It’s not just about how we talk to others but also how we chat it up with ourselves. And here’s the trick: we have to be proactive when it comes to negative thoughts. We have to put up boundaries about the way we talk to ourselves. This will help us find the work-life-happines we are after.

Safeguarding the stuff that brings us joy and setting up some good boundaries around them is like the secret sauce for uncovering that work-life-happiness. 


3. Purpose And Perspective

Discovering work-life-happiness is like looking at life through a different lens. It’s all about what we choose to see and how we shape our perspective. When we tweak our viewpoint, we can stumble upon our purpose, and guess what? Purpose is like a happiness magnet in the work-life equation. 

Consider the following:

  • Helping Others – It’s pretty amazing how our experiences can turn into valuable life lessons when we really lean into them. It’s like finding the secret sauce of meaning, and that’s what can light up our purpose radar. Let’s take a little scenario: Imagine asking yourself, “How can I use what I’m going through to help someone else?” It’s like opening the door to purpose-ville. When we lend a hand to others based on our own experiences, it’s like a purpose-power-up button gets pressed, and that’s where the deep sense of fulfillment kicks in. finding work-life-happiness
  • ConnectionEvery single person, no matter what fancy title they have, has this magical ability to lift us up. It’s all about forging those connections with our managers, our coworkers, and the entire world that’s spinning around us. Here’s a little trick you can try out – it’s low-stakes but packs a punch: Offer up a genuine compliment. It’s like a supercharged way to build trust and deepen those connections. So go ahead, spread some good vibes, and watch your network grow stronger.
  • Perspective – Hey, we all have those days, right? The tough ones that feel like a never-ending Monday. But guess what? Knowing yourself better is like having this secret power to sprinkle a little joy into even the gloomiest of days. Take something as simple as gardening, for example – it’s like a happiness boost waiting to happen. Here’s the deal: Life isn’t a constant parade of happiness floats. There are bumps and twists along the way. But when you’ve got a good grip on who you are and you can ride those life waves, you become a pro at bouncing back from setbacks in no time. 

Sometimes, all it takes to find that work-life-happiness sweet spot is a little change in perspective. It’s like getting a new pair of glasses for your life – suddenly, you start seeing your purpose crystal clear. 

When it comes to finding work-life-happiness, it’s all about taking charge. We have to be ready to switch up our mindset, have those heart-to-heart boundary chats, and dive a little deeper to uncover our purpose. 

Check out Jessica’s Youtube Channel if you want to see the full version of this Soulcast Media | LIVE conversation.


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