How To Encourage Introverts On Your Team

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how to encourage the introverts on your team

Encouraging Introverts On Your Team

As a leader, one of your many goals is to make sure that all of your team members are working to the best of their abilities. It’s why understanding how to engage with both extroverts and introverts on your team needs different strategies and approaches. Encouraging others is not a one-size-fits-all model. 

how to encourage introverts on your teamIn our The Art of Communicating Program, we provide communication tools so that you can begin developing the tools for becoming a strategic communicator.  In fact, knowing the right thing to say can help elevate your executive presence.

We will discuss three different ways that you can encourage the introverts on your team.


1. Continued Feedback

Sometimes the only feedback an employee or team member receives from their boss is during a performance review.  This can leave an entire year’s worth of applause or need for improvement all bundled into one meeting.

For an introvert, this can feel overwhelming and can also leave them wondering how they are doing. As an introvert, they may also feel reluctant to reach out and ask.

As a leader, this means considering having ongoing feedback check-ins with the introverts on your team.  By doing this, you will have the opportunity to not only praise them for the work they are currently doing but also help them with any work that they may need guidance on.

By continually giving feedback to the introverts on your team you will build their trust and help them feel valued and heard. Next, we’ll introduce the sandwich method for how to give feedback.

2. Foster A Safe Environment

It is common for introverts to overthink or second guess themselves.  They often think that they need to have everything done perfectly before they can let their work be seen.

By fostering a safe environment where members of your team feel like they can share their ideas and their work without the threat of being put down is key to encouraging the introverts on your team to join in.

Not only will you gain the trust of your team, but you will be surprised at how creativity can thrive in a safe environment.  You may hear the next big idea!

3. Sandwich Method

Sometimes you have to give feedback that isn’t positive.  However, you don’t want to break the trust you’ve built with the introverts on your team. 

So what can you do?

You can use the sandwich method.  The sandwich method is giving feedback in three different layers.  First, you start by saying something positive about the work, project, or task that your team member has done. Then you give the necessary criticism or construction for them to improve upon.  Finally, you end with a positive note about the work they’ve done.

how to encourage introverts on your team

It’s human nature to focus and dwell on negative feedback.  But by using the sandwich method, you begin and end with positives so that the impact of the constructive feedback isn’t as abrasive.

In our LinkedIn Learning course, Building Your Visibility Online As A Remote Leader, we talk about ways to show up for your team, providing consistent communication and constructive feedback. It can be difficult to do, but that will help develop your team and make your company a better place to work.

The key to encouraging the introverts on your team is to make sure you are communicating with them in a way that they feel seen and heard.  You want to make sure you understand how they communicate and tailor your message to them.

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encouraging introverts on your team

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