Leading With Heart And Humility

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leading with heart and humility

Leading With Heart And Humility

Whether you’re just stepping into your first leadership role or you’ve been managing a team for some time, there’s an incredible power when you lead with heart and humility.

leading with heart and humilityOur CEO & Founder, Jessica Chen, recently hosted a Soulcast Media | LIVE event on LinkedIn, where she interviewed Author and Keynote Speaker, Dr. Todd Dewett.

They shared key tips and personal stories about leading with heart and humility.


1. Mindset

When we find ourselves in a situation where we’re feeling our team isn’t performing like they should, or maybe we’re feeling a bit burned-out, we need to take a step back and ask why? During the Soulcast Media | LIVE event, Todd shared the importance of carefully weighing the context of our situations. 

Consider the following:

  • What Do They Need? – Taking a step back and asking ourselves this question: “What does my team really need right now?” can be the catalyst for some big change. Maybe it’s having an honest discussion, providing more training, or maybe a little extra motivation in the form of incentives. Regardless, if things aren’t going the way they should, taking a closer look at how we’re leading can be a real game-changer in optimizing their performance.
  • What Can We Do? – Self-reflection isn’t just about asking questions; it’s about action too. So, we should ask ourselves: “What can we do to make things better?” Small changes lead to big changes, and it can start with us. If we’re leading others, we have an important role to show others the way. Leading and doing things with heart and humility starts within.

2. Supporting Our Team

Making our team feel supported is about showing genuine appreciation and understanding. It’s not something that only happens once in a while, it should be something that happens every week!

Consider the following:

  • ListeningListening is the simplest and most powerful way to make others feel supported. When we put things aside and carve our 1:1 time, we’re signaling “Hey, your concerns matter, and I want to hear about it.” On the flip side, if we brush off peoples outreach, people might start feeling like we’re not approachable or that we don’t take their concerns seriously. They won’t say it, but they’ll surely feel it, like a small simmer that burns over time. Active listening, which can be as quick as a 5 minute check in, is how we can show we care.

    leading with heart and humility

  • Showing We Care

    Leading with heart and humility is making our team feel like they matter. Here’s a simple and powerful way to do it: before a meeting, give individual team members a shout-out of what they did good the last few weeks. Taking a quick moment to celebrate is how we can boost morale, and build that bond of trust and support.

Leading with heart and humility is like practicing a skill – it takes proactiveness and consistency. Getting into that right mindset, showing we care and listening to others, are action steps that can show we care about being a good leader.


Check out Jessica’s Youtube Channel if you want to see the full LIVE version of Jessica and Todd’s conversation.


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