Our Work With Google

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our work with google

We partnered with Google to train their global Google Cloud audience how to develop virtual presence.

Many teams are still working remotely and engaging with clients through video so this is a modern day skill that needs to be learned to stay competitive.

Soulcast Media was exclusively selected to lead this training and speak at this event with more than 1,000+ participants. 


What attendees learned:

Smart, actionable communication tips and techniques to engage in a virtual world, including:

  • Developing Video Presence
  • Online Communications
  • Public Speaking
  • Body Language
  • Group Communications Dynamics
  • Video Internet Etiquette

This event was organized for IT professionals, data experts, and developers to elevate their virtual speaking with clients. Participants spanned the world from the U.S., Australia, and Europe. 

Virtual communications is a skill anyone can learn. There are many techniques your team can learn to help them elevate their virtual speaking and presence, whether speaking internally or with clients too. 

Teams who have participated in our Virtual Communications Trainings For Teams have felt better equipped to navigate communicating on virtual calls. 

If you manage a team and are looking to bring in training, let’s work together. 

Contact us at –  hello@soulcastmedia.com

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