Using Power Words and Showing Confidence

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power words and confidence


Do you know ‘power words’ can make you become a confident communicator?



The best communicators and public speakers use this strategy often to maximize their impact during conversations and speeches. 


Simply put, using power words give the perception that you are strong and grounded therefore, a confident communicator. 


What are power words? 


 They’re strategic and intentional words sprinkled in throughout the conversation to maintain engagement and conviction. 

An example would be the use of someone’s name. 

John, that is a great point.” 

“I hear what you’re saying John, but I think we can also consider…” 

“After thinking about our chat, I believe we can also apply this concept, John.”


When saying someone’s name, especially when communicating with a senior level person, it not only shows confidence, but also shows your comfort around them. You can also gain respect from other people with this method, showcasing that you are able to handle being around them. 


All of this is important in showing your executive presence. Don’t underestimate – it is so powerful. 

If you are afraid of coming off too serious or stern, it’s all about your body language and tone, which our CEO & Founder, Jessica Chen, dives much deeper in our ‘Art of Communicating Express’ program.


Anyone can be a confident communicator with practice and a routine practice!


 As always, feel free to share your thoughts on the use of power words and how you can incorporate them in your communications! 

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