Powerful Body Language When Communicating

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powerful body language communications


Body language expert, Ted Toussaint, joins our Soulcast Media LIVE to discuss the importance of body language in communications.

Recently, we hosted a Soulcast Media LinkedIn | LIVE event where our CEO & Founder, Jessica Chen, and body language expert, Ted Toussaint, chatted about all things body language and how important it is in the communications world. 


1.The Power of Body Language

Why is body language so important?  Ted explains that it “…really shows your intentions and your emotions…” and we need more than just your tone of voice and choice of words to truly express what we mean.

Indicators of Confidence

  • A good posture – sitting up straight, with your shoulders back makes you automatically look more confident.
  • Hand gestures – using slow, symmetrical hand gestures rather than more frantic, chaotic gestures. 
  • Smiling – this can be make you look warm and inviting. 

A tip they shared to help feel more comfortable during a conversation is to think of an experience when you were feeling confident. Tune into that feeling and channel it to exhibit that confidence. It’s all about awareness. 

How can you show you’re trustworthy?  |  Make sure your hands are visible. Hands are a sign of trust so use them, especially on video calls

Smiling is another way to build trust – it’s contagious and helps people feel comfortable around you from the very beginning. 


Jessica and Ted discussed the importance of mental preparation and being aware of how you are using your body when communicating. They go over priming – the  process of beginning a conversation a certain way determined by the first topic that is discussed. For example, starting a conversation asking about how busy the other person has been can stir up some stressful, possibly negative thoughts and emotions right from the beginning. 

Instead, start with a positive thought and this will boost the energy of the conversation and start it off in the right direction. 


3. The Use of Power Words

These are strategic words used when engaging with another person to evoke emotions. Rather than using words like good or great, try words like fantastic or excited to give a sense of urgency. It’ll also perk up ears of the listener. Even using the person’s name can show confidence. 

Using power words and being mindful of your body language is a good combination to show powerful communication skills. 


4. Building a Connection via Body Language

It’s all about eye contact. Making eye contact, according to Ted, activates the social part of our brain which allows us to have genuine conversations. 

Leaning in when you hear something you like or nodding when someone is talking – these are both warm signals that will allow people to feel heard. 

You want to be as physically visible as possible, especially during video calls. That way other people are able to clearly see all of your non-verbal signals without having to try and figure out what you mean. 

During video calls, have your device elevated so you’re eye level with camera and make sure you are not too close nor too far from it as well.        


Next time you communicate, whether it’s in a formal or informal setting, being aware of your body language and preparing yourself mentally is key. Remember – all skilled communicators started somewhere. Keep a regular communications practice routine and you’ll find a dramatic improvement in the way you speak. 

You can watch the full discussion on Jessica’s LinkedIn page. 


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