The Importance of Preparing For Video Calls

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The Importance of Preparing for Video Calls

What is the best way to look, feel, and perform your best on a video call? 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to schedule face-to-face meetings in person, especially with our busy schedule. With remote work likely staying in some capacity, this will likely be the norm as well.


The good news is: effective and productive meetings can be just as impactful through video calls.

In fact, preparing for them is key to increasing your visibility and value. You should prepare for video conference calls with the same amount of effort as as any important in-person meeting. 



Preparing to look smart and polished even when remote

  • Prepare just as if you were going to an in-person meeting. Would you wear your pajamas to an in-person meeting? Dress as if you weren’t sitting at home on your couch. It may be the first time others see you, first impressions are still very important.
  • Acknowledge that there might be silence or that people will speak over each other— and that’s okay.
  • If you’re leading the call, having a schedule prepared is also a wonderful asset because it creates a good flow.

Here are some possible video call scenarios to prepare for and how you should adapt to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward:



If you have a powerpoint prepared, understand that those watching from their computers will likely see the whole powerpoint on their full screen. Incorporating visuals will make a huge difference in your presentation. Your audience may see you in the beginning, but once you start talking, the powerpoint presentation will be the focal point. Solution: include minimal text and add visuals to support your points. Don’t make it distracting or text-dense.


If you’re the person leading a live group discussion, a great way to prepare for this is to create an agenda to distribute to everyone beforehand. It might be hard to control the direction of the room and conversation, so having an agenda to keep things on track will show good preparation and leadership.


One-on-one video calls are just as important as group video calls. To prepare, have all your materials in front of you, ideally printed or written out beforehand.

This is important because while you’re in a video meeting, you don’t want to be toggling between your screen and browser. You want to be looking at them, like you’re listening and concentrating during the conversation, just like how you would in-person. Especially if it’s just you and one other person, giving them your undivided attention will go a long way.

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