The Value Of A Press Release

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The value of a press release

The Value Of A Press Release

The value of a press releaseTraditionally, press releases were used to get reporters to notice you and your message. However, because the media landscape has changed so much, press releases aren’t the recommended way to get noticed anymore. 

You may be wondering, What is the point of writing press releases? The truth is, even though press releases are used differently now, there is still a lot of value in writing them.

A press release can be used internally for your company and to engage with the press.  It’s important to include all necessary information when creating a press release.  Below we outline when to use a press release and what it should include. 

1. Disseminating information

Press releases are still great for disseminating information. Government agencies use press releases this way because it helps streamline communications and their response to an issue. 

There are several advantages to using a press release to disseminate information.

  • Media – Press releases are easily distributed via e-mail.  Many media outlets are part of larger distribution email chains.  This means you can reach a multitude of outlets with one press release. Reporters can then take the communications and use the text as needed. 
  • Internal News – Companies may use press releases to share company news and announcements. These are often posted in the press section of their website. This is especially the case for publicly traded companies. 
  • Marketing – A press release is an inexpensive form of marketing.  In fact, it is almost free advertising.  A press release can help promote brand awareness and identity. 
  • Wire Services – In terms of distribution, other than posting on their own website, there are agencies that focus specifically on distributing their own wire services. In these wires, media outlets can read about the latest responses or announcements and they can follow up if they want. 

Using a press release to streamline your company’s information is a helpful tool.  In this way, everyone can stay up to date on what’s new as well as share this information. 


2. Press Release Details 

The Value Of A Press releaseBeing clear and succinct are important elements of any press release.  

Now that you know how press releases are used today, what should they include? 

Press Release Format:

There is no hard rule anymore about the length or content of a press release.  However, traditionally, it is divided into 3 parts.

  1. What’s New – The first section is generally focusing on what’s new.  For example, your company could be launching an exciting new product.  This is definitely something you would want to include right away in the press release.
  2. Quote From A Leader – Usually, there is a quote included from a leader or those involved to get their perspective.  Quotes can be used if the media decides to pick up your story via the press release.  
  3. Boilerplate And Company Contact – A boilerplate is a short, 3-4 sentence description of the company mentioned. Be sure to also include a company contact on the press release in case anyone wants to follow up.

Even though a press release isn’t the most effective way to get media coverage in today’s crowded media landscape, having it written and ready is still valuable. This is because once you write your pitch, reporters may ask for a press release to get more context before committing to the story. 

In the end, press releases are still a great way to share information. However, the role of a press release is mainly to make announcements with the expectation the media may or may not follow up.


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