Soulcast Media and University Announce Partnership

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Soulcast Media and University Announce Partnership

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the University of St. Thomas Houston (UST) where we’re launching our Collegiate Communications Program for Career Success program. Below is an in-depth look at this program.

First-generation sophomore students participating in the University of St. Thomas-Houston’s (UST) Rising Stars Internship Program are the beneficiaries of an innovative collaboration between the UST and global communications company, Soulcast Media located in California. This one-of-a-kind partnership offers the cohort of students real-world communication skills prized by employers in today’s workplace. This is Soulcast Media’s first university partnership providing communications training to college students and the launch of its Collegiate Communications Program for Career  Success.

Jessica Chen is an Emmy Award Winner, #1 LinkedIn Instructor, Top Keynote Speaker

Jessica Chen, Founder & CEO of Soulcast Media

Jessica Chen, Founder & CEO of Soulcast Media

Starting in late February, students will participate in 12 virtual live training workshops each month to learn from communication expert Jessica Chen, Founder and CEO of Soulcast Media. 

 “We are thrilled to be partnering with a fantastic institution who is committed to preparing their students for workplace success,” Chen said. “At Soulcast Media, we believe communication skills are foundational. Navigating the intricacies of the workplace takes speaking skills that require strategy and tact. We are honored to provide monthly communication training to prepare students with the skills to best show up and speak up at work confidently.”

The 12 communication topics include:

1.         Speaking to your boss
2.        Navigating difficult conversations
3.        Leadership messaging
4.        Communications awareness
5.        Speaking up in meetings
6.        Communications barriers
7.         Advocating for yourself – me to we
8.        Advocating for yourself – new opportunities
9.        Overcoming the fear to lead
10.       A manager’s mindset
11.       Public speaking
12.       Building credibility

Before starting Soulcast Media, Chen was an award-winning TV News Reporter. She graced the television networks of ABC10 News and NBC 4News and stations in the greater New York City region. Her company works with Fortune 100 companies, global teams, and individuals on presentation, executive presence, and communication presence. She has trained employees at Google, LinkedIn, the CDC, Harvard Business School Alums, Mattel, Medtronic, HP, DraftKings and many more. 

Her communication courses consistently rank as the most popular on LinkedIn and have reached more than 2 million learners around the world. Articles written in Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and Market Watch, Inc. chronicle Chen’s teaching method.

Rising Stars: The Power of Education at Work

At the heart of UST is the imperative to serve, especially those with limited access to educational excellence. With this in mind, UST launched the Rising Stars internship program that offers qualified students the opportunity to continue their education journey at UST while gaining valuable work experience at local companies. The program pairs students with corporate sponsors to earn funds toward tuition. This model helps students build personal connections that will influence them beyond college.

“Partnering with Soulcast Media for the Collegiate Communications Program for Career Success is a huge opportunity for students in the Rising Stars program,” Director of the Rising Stars Internship Program Dan Garcia said. “The 60 students selected to be a part of the program will be learning important communication and marketing skills that will translate into success in real-world job scenarios and in the classroom where students can display more confidence in navigating their college career.”

UST’s Promise to Students is to prepare them for Success at Work and Life

“UST’s commitment is to graduate students who can thrive in life and in the workplace,” Arthur Ortiz, UST’s Chief Strategic Officer for Partnerships and Engagement, said, “Excellent communication is probably the most important skill one can have as a student and carry into  work environments that have become increasingly complex. Effective communication with family, friends, colleagues, and in relationships enhances one’s ability to live a good and authentic life.”

Ortiz hopes to roll out this program to all UST undergraduates soon. “We would like to change the way colleges and universities teach communication skills,” he said. “We want this communication training to be part of a blueprint for UST to assist graduates toward a life-changing trajectory. As an Hispanic-serving Institution, with an undergraduate student population that mirrors the diversity of Houston, UST’s aim is for these students to rise to leadership positions and to eventually take their place in boardrooms across America.”

If you’d like to learn more about our monthly workshops and how we can tailor them to your organization, let’s work together. 

Download our monthly workshop pamphlet here

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Content written by UST.

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