Best Tips And Practices When Pitching To Investors

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best tips and practices for pitching investors

best tips and practices when pitching to investors

You’ve come up with a unique concept and you’re pitching your idea to a group of investors.  This is an exciting opportunity! Yet, it can also be very nerve-wracking.  

To help ease the anxieties of the pitching process, it’s good to note that investors actually want you to succeed.  Investors are looking for the next big idea.  They are hoping that what you bring to the table is amazing. For them, that means they’ll have added a successful company to their portfolio.

pitch to investors

The First Five Minutes Of Your Pitch Are Critical

It’s important to not only capture the investor’s attention but to also keep your pitch engaging from the very beginning.

So how can you set yourself up for success? 

1. Be Mindful of How You Dress

The old ways of dressing in formal business attire aren’t necessarily true anymore.  However, there are a few guidelines to what you wear so it’ll direct your investor’s attention to your pitch and not what you’re wearing. 

Make sure that whatever you are wearing is clean, neat, and not distracting.  Try to avoid large graphics or text that doesn’t compliment your business.


2. How you approach the investors

Whether this meeting is taking place in a casual coffee-house setting or in a large office building, it’s important to approach the investors with a smile and excitement.  You want to bring the right energy into that pitch meeting.


3. Opening your pitch

pitch investors

Starting your pitch with a Thank You to the investors lets them know that you value them and their time to meet with you.  This also makes your pitch less of a transaction and more of a conversation.

Investors are looking to get to know you too – who you are as a person can affect whether or not they decide to invest in your big idea.

The first five minutes of your pitch start before you’ve even opened your mouth.  So take the time to consider how you want to carry yourself, how you plan to introduce yourself, and the energy you want to give off.

You want to make sure that you’ve captured their attention in a positive way before you get into the meat of your pitch.


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