Growing vs Being Satisfied

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Growing Vs Being Satisfied


How do you find a balance between being satisfied vs content in your goals?


Our CEO, Jessica Chen, shares with us in her recent LinkedIn and Youtube videos her thoughts on this topic. Her advice is simple: it is more important to find enjoyment during the process in it of itself rather than being hyper-focused in achieving these goals-and this ties into the idea about happiness. 


Once a specific goal is met, the happiness you feel from that achievement, although satisfying, can be short-lived. Instead of focusing on hitting that goal, try finding joy in the process. This can create a  more prolonged happiness where satisfaction can be felt during the growth and journey to that end goal. 


Concentrating on the process itself will not only bring you more happiness, but also create a balance between being satisfied vs content. Your day to day life experiences, whether these goals are work or life oriented, can become more positive once you start shifting your focus to the actual process. 

With these thoughts in mind, do you feel as if you are the goal-driven type and if so, what are your thoughts on this idea of embracing the journey? 


Read more on achieving goals and the importance of being visible to make sure you are being heard in our Power of Visibility post. 


As always, looking forward to reading your comments!

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