How to Get What You Want

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How To Get What You Want


Is there a way to increase your chances of getting what you want by how you communicate?


It is a natural human desire for people to strive for more. However, getting to that next big thing isn’t always so easy or linear. There is an art to it and sometimes it takes time. Our Founder & CEO, Jessica Chen provides extra insight into this topic and how to use strategic communications skills to get what you want. 

The reality is, most people are preoccupied with their own concerns. Health, family, work, and life are just a few things people are focused on and juggling every day. That means it can be difficult for you to rely on others to help you achieve your goals. So, the initial step of getting what you want from someone else is to first understand them, and what they want.

This means putting their concerns/ideas before yours and figuring out how you can be of service to them. This is servant leadership at its best. It may sound counter-intuitive initially, but by putting other people first, you will be putting yourself in position of influence. That is power.

Lead with what other people care about first and how you can contribute to them. Once you have developed a relationship of trust, then ask for what you want. The other person will much more likely help you achieve your goals.

Have you tried any other methods in getting what you want? Please feel free to share your experiences and approaches, below.

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You can also check out Jessica’s video and Youtube channel, for more tips and advice!

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