Understanding The Media Landscape

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understanding the media landscape

Understanding The Media Landscape

Today the term media can mean a lot of different things.  It’s not just television and newspapers anymore. It’s social media and its influencers.  And there are many platforms for businesses to choose from and leverage.

But at its core, a media company has an audience. 

You being interviewed by a media company means that you will be able to speak to their audience, which will broaden your reach.  It’s a powerful tool!


How To Connect With The Media

understanding the media landscape

Traditionally, when we hear media, we think of radio and television.  But scoring an opportunity to get interviewed on these platforms is often much harder because these big media companies are getting inundated with requests.

So how do you connect with the media to showcase your business?


1. Niche Outlets

If time is of the essence and you are just starting out, consider targeting media outlets with a smaller and more niche audience. 

If you and your company have something valuable to share with this niche audience, the chances of you securing that interview are much higher.  Even if their reach is only a few thousand, if these are dedicated listeners you might actually see a return on investment.

What this means though is that the interviewer will likely be extremely well versed in not just what your industry is doing but what other companies are doing in this specific niche. 

So you will want to be prepared and make sure that you and your team have any supporting material to back up what you are saying.


2. Have A Value Add

understanding the media landscapeWhen you are approaching any media outlet whether it is television, newspaper, podcast, or social media – you will want to show that you have a value add.  In other words, what are you bringing to them that will serve their audience?  

These media outlets are always looking for content and if you are able to provide content for them that serves their target audience, you will have a much better chance at getting that interview.  

Remember, the value add can’t just be promoting your business.  There is another time and place for straight promotion.  Your goal is to provide value while also keeping space for your business to be highlighted.

For example – if you have a game that is based on a particular type of drink, you may be interviewed to showcase all of the different ways you can create this type of drink which would be a value add.  Or you could take another angle of showcasing games for families and yours happens to be one of them. 


3. Changing Landscape

The media landscape is changing.  You now have tons of options of which media outlet you want to target. 

Once you’ve identified which one may suit you and your company, you will want to make sure you craft your outreach so it will trigger their interest.  

Remember, even niche outlets are getting multiple asks to be featured so you will want to stand out!

Your media outlet, your value add, and your message are all key to landing that interview and broadening your audience through the media.


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