Why What You Wear On Video Still Matters

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Why What You Wear On Video Still Matters

The beauty of video meetings is that you can be anywhere in the world! This means that you can be in a remote office, at a business center, or in the comfort of your own home.

For those of you who have worked from home in recent times, have you ever taken a phone call in your pajamas? Most likely, in fact, most of us have!

As remote work increases, the flexibility that it brings to where you work also extends into what you are wearing for work.  The beauty of video calls is that you can be a bit more casual, just not completely casual.

why your wardrobe on video calls still mattersWhat you wear on video still matters – at least what you wear on your upper half. 

Many of us not be going back to the office in the traditional sense (or at least adopting a hybrid working mode), which means video calls will be a part of our work life for a very long time.  In fact, working remotely can make it more challenging to navigate being seen and heard.  Our LinkedIn Learning e-course, Executive Presence On Video Calls, will give you expert advice to look and sound confident, collected, and smart on your next conference call or video presentation.

Wardrobe And Appearance on Video Calls

It’s why your wardrobe and appearance on video calls still determine the impression you make on others. You’ll have to consider a few things to determine what’s appropriate to wear and why.


1. Camera Position

If your camera is positioned so that it only captures the upper half of your body, the top half has to still absolutely look professional. This can mean a nice blouse and blazer for women, or a nice dress shirt and suit jacket (for more formal occasions) for men.

The casual part comes on your lower half – but this is only okay if the camera doesn’t capture it.  Chances are in you’re sitting, it will be ok. We’ve all seen television comedies where someone doesn’t remember that they’ve gone casual on their bottom half and then the camera catches them i.e. unintentionally standing up!

If you love the idea of business on top and fun on the bottom – that’s great! 

Just make sure the camera can’t see all the fun.


2. What To Wear

There are some colors that simply look better and are less distracting than others on video.

The best types of colors to wear when on a video call are solid jewel-tone colors. 

  • Sapphire Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Turquoise
  • Ruby Red

Brighter colors are usually preferred because they really pop on camera.  If everyone else is wearing the standard grey or black your brighter colors will really liven it up the environmet!

Remember the key is to build your visibility with your team, but in the right way. In our LinkedIn Learning e-course, Building Your Visibility Online As A Remote Leader, you will learn how to intentionally manage and boost your visibility when working with remote teams.

why your wardrobe still matters


3. What Not To Wear

There are many patterns and fabrics to avoid when on your video calls.  

  • Floral patterns and stripes – these can be distracting 
  • Silk, satin, sequence, and other shiny fabrics can reflect light and shimmer every time you move your body.
  • Fussy details – things such as frilly collars and many buttons.  

When you have the opportunity to speak, you want people to notice you. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be a distraction.

Remember, your wardrobe still matters even if you are on video calls and not in person.  Having a professional appearance will absolutely elevate your executive presence. It’s one of the simplest changes to make!


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